2 Oct 2014

pNemo - Table Top

Ahh Nemo - the old guy. That guy who made all that cool Cygnarian toys that I love so much and my opponents hate so much more. 
by Privateer Press
In May last year I posted about my big three ‘casters for my Cygnar force and how they would work with my Stormwall.  So far my current list of go to ‘casters is Kraye, Siege, pNemo, Sloan and the new guy Sturgis. Recently Privateer Press did a number on me by showing off a new character Warjack all done up with a bow for Nemo (all three versions of him).

Ladies and Gents: The Dynamo.

It’s looking pretty sexy no?

I have to say since I’ve been able to jump back onto the table, I’ve put Nemo back down yet. I don’t have eNemo or his most recent version N3mo (or 3mo pronounced – IPA: θri mo, SAMPA: Tri moe) but I still do play pNemo. He unlike his other versions tends to be more of a toolbox 'caster - a 'caster with lots of options for many situations, instead of a directed 'caster who shows up to do a job and they do it well.

So why do I still play the old guy?


pNemo has quite a few tricks up his sleeve. He is able to drop a total of 5 focus per turn on a single ‘jack. The most you can allocate is 3 focus, so 5 leaves you with plenty to do. As a high focus ‘caster he has 14” of control that can get bumped to 16” with a Squire (gives an extra 2” to the ‘casters control range). pNemo can also gain 1” per focus spent. This guy can play the back field but be careful of the SR 2014 killbox scenarios. Also unless he is hidden pNemo’s old man stats (DEF 14 and ARM 14) make him an easy kill once you get to him. So take advantage of the extra control and maybe bring a Sentinel to eat any stray rounds coming pNemo’s way.
by Privateer Press
Hunter : This ‘jack doubles the already impressive control area of pNemo for the purpose of allocating focus. With a high RAT and armour piercing rounds, the Hunter tends to only need 1 focus per turn: 1 to run down the pitch and then to make sure it’s able to max out the damage of its shot. This ‘jack loves to put holes in larger minis while also threatening from a distance the flank.

Minuteman: Brother of the Hunter, with plenty of movement options and abilities. Two open fists, two short range high power forearm shotguns, and the ability to burn a focus for a 5” jump. The Minuteman always gets held back by short control ranges – the turn it fires its jump jets is the last turn you’ll allocate focus for it since it will tend to fall outside of the ‘casters control zone. This is less likely in pNemo’s case.  Also being able to have 4 focus on this guy allows it to jump and still have a full 3 focus (or more) to get down and dirty. This guy is here to take advantage of any opening that may show up during the match.

Lt Jakes and the no name Journeyman Warcasters: pNemo has an ability I've failed to mention: When a spell is cast in pNemo control range (which we’ve said is pretty large) he gains a power token, for a max of three power tokens. During the start of his turn those tokens become extra focus points for a grand total of 10 focus (11 with a squire) to give away. With these extra spellcasters kicking closer by they do two things: Give pNemo the ability to focus on spells and one or two ‘jacks, and to gain access to even larger numbers of focus as long as they cast spells that turn.
by Privateer Press
pNemo also has some great spells. To get the best use of some of the more offensive spells be ready to pay for the Lancer who sports the all handy arc node, allowing pNemo to cast spells from it rather than from himself who I way too squishy.

Chain Lightning is a great spell to nix some light armour infantry. The initial hit rolls into a few more folks and vola. Great with the arc node, and hell why not shoot at the back of your own ‘jack who is getting held up by a one turn tar pit diversion.

Deflection is a great counter to non-blessed ranged weapons. Getting a low ARM boost for everyone in his sizable command range is very handy and can save the odd mini from getting nicked to death by weak shots while you move up the board.

Disruption Field is a low cost and an upkeep spell. Make the ‘jack stronger with a +2 STR and have it apply disruption with its melee attacks. Hammersmith’s love this spell jumping them into really strong P+S damage levels. Throw in 5 focus and watch the Hammersmith plow its way through the lines of enemies like Choi Min-sik in Old Boy (google the reference find the hammer fight.

Electrify is a handy spell for pNemo or anyone that stays back to defend him. If someone hits the target of the spell they get a shock and get pushed back.  You can also use it offensively on a ‘jack that will be taking a counter charge after its done its damage. I’ve put it on the Sentinel when it defends pNemo from a charge or I’m waiting to drop it on a Minuteman after its gets stuck in.
by Privateer Press
Locomotion is a great spell that is very situational. Moving a ‘jack (not a colossal) out of its turn is pretty handy at 1 focus per 1” gained. Moving the Defender 3” closer to make sure it will be able to aim instead of moving to hit its target is right handy. Moving up a Minuteman even deeper or having the slow movers like a Hammersmith of Centurion get an extra 3” is always nice. Make sure you have the focus planned before you cast.

Voltaic Snare is the most tricky spell in the arsenal. Locking down and ‘jack and forcing every ‘jack within 3” of the target to only be able to move towards it can be a real pain for bricks made up of ‘jacks. Or nasty when  ‘jacks get close to each other due to terrain. Dropping this on a colossal is pretty handy when the rest of the battle group is close by.

Lets talk about his feat - it's that wee elephant in the room. 

It's ok, so so... not bad. POW 14 to every warjack or warbeast in his control area is pretty ok damage wise. Warjacks that take any damage are disrupted and that's pretty handy. pNemo's feat has been a lesson for me to learn. My best success was to drop it early in the game when playing against Cryx who love their arc node equipped light warjacks to run up and be able to target Nemo with some spells that turn. Lets be real - those spells will kill him. Popping feat early in this case has proven to be an easy defense. Otherwise I have very little help with the feat other then trying to slow down my opponents 'jacks or popping a few legion gribbly 'beasts.

Final Notes:

pNemo is a great ‘caster with tons of tricks. Be warned if someone gets LoS on him, he’s gona die unless you take steps to avoid him getting all shot up or even run over. Also with all that focus he has plenty of options and in some situations – too many options. Plan your use and generation of focus for each round. Take advantage of other models that give focus or who cast spells allowing for pNemo to generate even more focus.

- Cheers