21 Oct 2014

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Civil War - Issue #7
by Marvel Comics
Captain America 3 will be based on the Marvel Comic story arc, cross-over event Civil War. Iron Man has been announced as an antagonist for the film.

What is Civil War and what does this mean for the film universe that has made Marvel comics the leader in Superhero flicks?

Intro -

Marvel has been the leader of having their heroes not only fight the villains but also each other. From the infighting within the various teams: Cyclops versus Angel (followed later on, with the more famous conflict with Wolverine), Hulk versus well everyone, and the Fantastic Four with Johnny Storm (the Human Torch) vs Ben Grimm (the Thing).

Marvel has been pitting their heroic characters against each other for ages. Avengers fighting X-Men was not a new thing that started out a few years back. In the 1980's when Magneto replaced Xavier (yeah that happened), the Avengers were called in to bring in the X-Men. Hell even the Avengers have had fights since before Civil War. The Avengers West Coast and the East Coast Avengers have always been rivals in some form and another.

Comic fans through the ages have always argued over who would win in a fight between the fans various super heroes. My favorite character of all time is Marc Slayton aka Backlash of the now defunct Wildstorm comics and it's unique semi-shared universe with the rest of the origional Image comics lineup. While Rocko's favorite character is Cole Cash aka Grifter (absorbed as part of DC Comics 'new 52') who's former Team 7 (now also absorbed and changed into the 'new 52') teammate and main 'heroic' rival was Backlash. We got our match up between the two characters in the first volume of Kindred - that was interupted by the main villans... Backlash would have won I tells ya!

Anyways... Marvel has loved pitting their heroes against each other through their whole publishing history. This habbit has also paid off and drawn in many a reader to stay loyal to the publisher. There best example of this hero vs hero conflict was their major event cross over in 2006-2007, Civil War.

Civil War was about super heroes being forced to register themselves and become agents of the government as part of a series of ideas put forward by the smart heroes: Hank Pym (Ant Man), Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic), Tony Stark (Iron Man). Capitan America who has already been a direct hero agent for the government and experienced the faults of such a forced relationship - rebels. So the Heroes of marvel Comics entered into a Civil War. There were some interesting moments, Spider Man telling the world who he was, the Punisher coming back to the main continuity and getting beat up by Cap, the split of the Fantastic Four, the mad clone of Thor. It sure was a show. Sometimes with too much flash and too much noise, but the story held itself up. Cap looses by giving up the fight and a few years back the issues of the government controlling every super person becomes evident with the rise of Harry Osborn who takes over SHIELD.

So what does this mean to the movies? Is this even possible?

First off Cap and Iron Man have been at each others throats since before Tony was born. Cap has always disliked the Stark flippant attitude back with Tony's father. When he met Tony that dislike grew as Tony was even more casual and flippant than his father. This creates one of the best back and forth dialogues that sold the Avengers as a possibility. "You're just a guy in a suit." was the opening salvo for Avengers - Fans rejoiced. It was good.

The upcoming Avengers flick is about Ultron. Orgionally a mad robot built by Hank Pym who is a main Avengers nemesis. A product of their own might, Ultron has always been up on the list of major Avengers villains. It's expected that Tony Stark may be the creator of Ultron as Hank Pym will not appear until after Avengers 2. Hydra will also be part of the movie as they currently have in custody Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch who will join the team in this outting. Also new to Avengers two is Vision - a good robot made origionally by Ultron to destroy the Avengers. We know that Paul Bettany (the voice of JARVIS, Iron Man's onboard computer) will be playing Vision - another clue.

Possible Outcome -

I think Tony may have previous to Iron Man, come up with the design of Ultron. He was in the weapons buisness and he was a robotics expert why would he not mix the two. Due to his experiences and character changes in Iron Man - Tony gives up on the project and as we see through the Iron Man films works on his armour instead. Hyrda probably gets a copy of the design and builds Ultron, unleashing it on the world. When Ultron starts killing everyone one including Hydra, the Twins (Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch) break free and join the resistance.

Ultron needing an ally builds the Vision to help fight the Avengers who area proving to be the only challenge to his plan of killing all meat bags (Humans). Vision being built on the same design becomes a member of the team because Tony loads JARVIS into the body and the team with new members beat Ultron. Somewhere in there Tony will feel guilty for all the hurt he's caused and Cap may even get into his face once Tony realises that Ultron is based off of his own work.

What we know -

The following movie after Avengers is Ant Man. Here Hank Pym hands over his technology to a reformed criminal Stephen Lang to fight off a villainous partner who also uses the technology for nefarious gains and will be taking on the role of Yellowjacket (in the comics - Hank goes crazy after being a abusive drunk and takes on the identity of Yellowjacket - Hank be crazy yo!).

Once more the wrong people getting the super powers - the start of Super Villains. Killian (Iron Man 3) and Abomination (Incredible Hulk) are the only other super villans that have shown up. Red Skull is done (I also think the actor is out - he was a great Red Skull) and Loki has had to menace in two movies.

Captan America 3 -

I can see Tony getting behind registration after his own battle with loosing control in the last two Iron Man films (IM2 vs. alcohol, 3 vs. PTSD), his guilt over Ultron, and seeing the results post Ant-Man. Cap who just fought off the yolk of government control in Captain America: Winter Soldier would fight back having experienced first hand the issues with government controlled super people.

Cap and Tony rub each other the wrong way - but when push comes to shove they ignore those issues and work together as seen in the awesome collaboration to ensure Helicarrier keeps flying in Avengers. Hell they bring out the best in each other. Cap inspires Tony to sacrafice himself to save New York - which ends well for Tony. While Tony convinces Cap to get with the times and start living again - evidence with Cap's to do list present in his last outing.

Avengers 3 predictions -

Avengers 3 will be an interesting meeting. Thor 3 (finishing off the Loki issue) and Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (will be more like Infinity Quest lite) will finalise the set up for Thanos showing up and doing Infinity Gauntlet type things... which means Earths Mightiest Heroes aka the Avengers will show up and try to protect the place. Cap after the Civil War will be pulled out from where ever they put him post movie to unite the team after the schism from the Civil War. Much like the start of the battle for New York - Cap will step up assign duties and tell the Hulk to Smash. We will love it and the Avengers will go out in a bang.

Avengers 3 looks like to be the last hurrah for many of the primary characters as many of the actors will be completing their contracts. I see Thor finally settling down and sorting out his relationship with Earth and his own heart. Cap might step away leaving the shield for another Cap to take over (both Bucky/Winter Soldier and Falcon have taken up the mantle). Iron Man might finally calm down and get away from saving worlds to making better worlds.

This set of predictions does not include anything with the universal SHIELD and Agent Carter series of the Marvel Knight outing on Netflix which are all part of the cinematic continuity. Snoy and Fox will probably never give up their hold on the IPs as long as they make money.

Phase 4 -

Each of the films are set up on phases culminating in an Avengers film, will be the hardest crossing. Will the old guard and original characters step back in for the odd role or will the focus fall back onto the new characters like Ant Man, the Guardians and the Avengers who are not of the big Three. (Hulk makes 4 in my oppinion - meh) like Widow and Hawkeye.

I can see the new Cap leading Falcon, Ant Man, Hulk (since he comes as goes as needed), Vision with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch get some of the 1980's and 1990's stories done. Maybe even include some Kang stories or Secret Invasion arcs. The old Guard can show up for a bit, ala Nick Furry's supporting role in previous films, helping out and letting the Avengers do thier thing.

There are possibilities - Wonder Man has a huge story with Vision. Wasp is still due to show up (maybe Ant Man 2?). Hawkeye still has to meet Mocking Bird who is in SHIELD now and there is the chance for a Ronin character to pop in once you add Daredevil. Hell give Hawkeye a whole solo movie, Arrow is doing well enough in TV to support an Archer themed story for film.

Plus Thunderbolts - Have Baron Zemo and a few of the surviving villans from past flicks show up as criminals working off their debt only to get free.

... there is simply to many options and that can be good, or bad.

I trust them to get it right.

- Cheers