1 Oct 2014

What Fun I found today #1 - Magic

I've been thinking about throwing down a post every so often about cards that have really taken my attention. I also would like to make sure each post is not just about some fancy blue card (or blue/black) I picked up, or was introduced to. So I will try to put down at least six new cards one of each colour - I'll try.

Please note I'll be sporting the same cost codes you'd find across the internet: G=Green, B=Black, U=Blue, W=White, R=Red.

Example: Cancel - 1UU (costs; 1 colourless and 2 blue)
Example: Deflecting Palm - RW (costs; 1 red and 1 white)

So lets try and look at some fancy cards.

Life's Legacy - 1G
Life's Legacy
by Wizards of the Coast

This is a new rare card that came out of M15 for green. The new feel of green in M15 that I was getting out of the duel decks (Fate vs Fury) was ramping was going to be a bigger deal in this core set. Ramping: To quickly gain access to mana. 

Since Green is playing with a stronger ramping feel, which is an interesting mix since it's going to mix with Khans of Tarkir block and Theros block for the current standard. I also expect to see lots more fast ramp Green decks to pay for their crazy expensive creatures.

The only thing slowing down a Green deck would be the speed of cards coming out.

Life's Legacy drops that problem quickly. For a cheap converted cost of 2 (1G = 1 colourless and 1 green mana) this card will allow Green to drop a semi large creature, refill their hand and be able to follow up with a replacement that could be even bigger.

Necromantic Thirst - 2BB
Necromantic Thrist
by Wizards of the Coast

This card is a card that was originally in Ravnica Block and was released with Conspiracy. It's a mid to cheap range in cost and it's a silly common card that you slap onto one of your creatures.

Of course when this enchanted creature deals damage to a player - the reward for slipping past their defenses is being able to go back into your graveyard and return a creature to your hand.

Black is littered with creatures that have to die. Getting that done can sometimes be pretty hard so when you see these Black creatures of annoying getting plucked from the graveyard to get summoned on the second main phase expect the opponent to groan...

Seriously a great card for a Black deck that keeps lots of larger creatures with attack options like flying, intimidate, and unblockable.

Bearer of the Heavens - 7R

Bearer of the Heavens
by Wizards of the Coast
Oh yes that converted mana cost is a hefty eight. Oh yes that creature does have a power and toughness of 10/10. Oh yes that is some sexy art. Journey in Nyx is the last set of the Theros block - which is my favorite block that I've played when it came out.

This monster of a creature is a bomb - simply a huge beast. With some of the other passive abilities from the set make a powerful combo: Hammer of Purphoros giving Haste. Archetype of Aggression giving trample. Paragone of Fierce Defiance giving haste for 1R, but also a passive +1/+1 - there are plenty of good solid mono Red cards that can take advantage of this giant.

Add in some colour pairings and we're talking life link, vigilance, vigilance, flying... the combos are endless.

Unless your opponent can exil it - they don't wana kill it. On that turn when it happens everything goes. Enchantments, Creatures, Artifacts, Lands - EVERYTHING. Now that's a solid defense.

Gideon Jura - 3WW
Gideon Jura
by Wizards of the Coast

I have a problem with white. I like it only when I want to be a bigger douche or when I'm looking at wiping the board. White can really pump a blue deck's control game. Recently after making Lady Bear's modern mono white deck for her to play I've been having fun looking at the other ways I can play with White. Synergies really came to mind and that's the theme of her future Commander Deck.

While looking for a planeswalker - Ajani is my favorite fluff wise but when I spotted this beauty I realised I was Ramona(ed)(Gideon is a main antagonist of Scott Pilgrim vs the World, he controls Ramona in the series... pah).

With a starting loyalty of 6, and the ability to destroy any tapped creature your opponent tapped last turn on a whim. he can also force the opponent to attack - which can be great when White goes defensive and is ready for the attack. Yet best of all Gideon jumps into the fight as a 6/6 that prevents any damage it would take that turn.

Rewind - 2UU
by Wizards of the Coast

As a Blue player I'm always looking for a new card that gives me more tricks. When Pale Rider dropped this during our last bout of Commander I was shocked, happy that I got to see it in action (Yes I love being the victim of my own plays - I just loved the plays), and wondering where it came from.

First off it's a basic counter. The classic is Cancel for a cost of 1UU. Every other counter is based on Cancel. There are plenty of variants. Thasa's Rebuff is a favorite of mine using the devotion mechanic. Disdainful Stroke is a cheap 1U cost counter against spells with a converted cost of 4. The list does go on...

So when for a simple extra colourless mana, I'm allowed to untap four lands - the spell paid for itself. Allowing for me a Blue player to still have mana free to cast that other counter. When a Blue player is sitting on mana and they have cards in their hand you're thinking of the counterspell they might be sporting - so you throw a bone and hope to lure it out.

Unlucky for you - the Blue player used Rewind and you're still looking at the back of their hand and they are still sporting four mana.

Altar of the Brood - 1

Oh yes, I've mentioned this card in my post pre-release Khans entry.

As a Blue player I was there when the Millstone was introduced and I fell in the love with the idea of what is now called Milling.

Milling is forcing a player to lose by removing the cards from their library (deck). At the start of a player's turn if they cannot draw a card in their draw phase because they have no more cards in their library they loose. My main modern deck is a Blue/Black mill deck - it does ok. I have a Blue/Black commander deck that also mills... why not.

Magic for me is the mechanics - hence I like Blue. Explains why I love getting buggered in the game by a counter or such as at the pre-release last weekend I was milled.

This card is slick and sexy for all the milling it can start. Get this out early in the game and you're opponent will start to feel the hurt. Having more than one in play at a time will really make your opponent curse every time you put something in play.

Warms my heart - eating your dreams... om nom nom nom.

- Cheers