29 Oct 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Phase 3 - Media

I've no time to edit this so please forgive the typos and spelling errors - this is BIG news for the nerd in me. The rest of the week will continue with You Tube videos.

Wow so last night that would be... 28 Oct 2014. I got home from my second job and I was bombarded with a slew of info on the new Marvel movies for Phase 3.

The Future of Marvel Movies

Ant Man will be the last flick of Phase 2 rather than the first movie of Phase 3. Ending with Ant Man will give us the viewers of lots of background insight to the world post Ultron unless they make it before the second Avengers film. Ant Man has always been a hard character to put into the Marvel universe but recently when they included Ant Man they've been doing it well.

Phase Three will start on 6 May 2016 with Capitan America: Civil War. Tony Stark has been announced to be the antagonist of the film. His role will probably be the primary supporter of the government in taking control of super powered folks through a Superhuman Registration Act. I'd like to have it teased in the background during the Ant Man movie. The fear of the coming act is the reason why folks like Hank Pym (Michael Douglass) never put on a costume. I expect Captain America to loose and/or give up as he did in the comics. I hope to see Falcon come back for the whole film while Winter Solider aka Bucky Barnes deciding to show up, even convince Capt to run away and not give up, take it to the shadows only to watch as Steve Rogers (aka Cap) gets hauled away. I see Bucky holding the Shield (aka the Torch) while Cap in gone. Also for Captain America: Civil War will be a introduction for Black Panther - but I'll get to him later.

Following Cap will be Doctor Stephen Strange aka Dr. Strange showing up 4 November 2016. Cumberbatch is tagged to be the the title character. Dr Strange is the Tony Stark of surgery but gets into a car accident and can't work his magic anymore. Seeking everything to find a solution for his damaged hands he turns to magic. Instead of finding healing he becomes a student of the Ancient One and later takes on the mantel of Sorcerer Supream who is tasked with guarding the Earth from all sorts of magic bad stuff - possibly even another Infinity Gem. Doctor Strange may find a spot within Thor: Ragnarock (aka Thor 3) due to expect magic gemstone.

I hope they try to show off some of the more artistic flair that made Dr. Strange famous in the 1970 by folks like Frank Brunner. I'm not sure how visually they will make the movie but the potential is there for this flick to be a major eye candy.

5 May 2017 the second Gardians of the Galaxy flick with show up. I also expect the end of the flick to start off two things - Thanos going to Earth and Ragnarok for the Asgardians. I don't expect them to show up in Thor: Ragnarock but events may lead into each other like Caps prototype shield in Iron Man 2. I expect it to be fun and fully of energy after two more serious films and the trip of Dr. Strange. I expect more on Star Lord's background to get explored. I also expect a first direct fight with Thanos setting him up to be the worst thing ever.

Just as Guardians is closing up in theaters 28 July 2017 Thor: Ragnarok starts up. This could be Thanos moving through Asgard laying waste to it or one of his agents, think Guardians of the Galaxy. Loki lacking Odin's juice will have to call back Thor to save Asgard or Thor will get a message from someone asking him to come back. Thor shows up wonder why Odin didn't lay smack on the down and vola Loki's illusion is discovered. Aftermath - Thor goes back to Earth now last of his kind to save it. He may realise that he will need to leave Earth to help his people rebuild post Rangarok meaning Avengers: Infinity War may be his last film for a valid reason.

2017 will then close out Marvel film wise 3 November 2017 with the full length Black Panther flick. The current trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron looks liks its teasing Klaw and Wakanda. Now Cap's shield is made of a Vibranium alloy, and Wakanda (the fact African nation) is the largest producer of the material. I expect Wakanda to show up in the background for SHIELD and Agent Carter leading up to the films Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captian America: Civil War. Black Panther will be a fun one. I've always been a fan of the character even though Marvel tends to toss him around. I liked him during the Jungle Action 1970's stories and later on when me married Storm. I even liked the arc where he replaced Daredevil to guard Hell's Kitchen. I'm also interested to see the advanced technology of Wakanda - maybe Howard Stark got some ideas from the place that helped launch his company?

In 2018 things get interesting, on 4 May 2018 Avengers: Infinity War (part one) starts up and ends a year later at the end of the Phase. In between we have two more flicks: Inhumans (AWESOME) and Captain Marval (Carol Danvers). This is the odd duck and I'm not sure what will happenbut I can guess that an agent of Thanos shows up and forces the heroes of Earth to gather once more to beat this guy. Capt will be freed to lead the team, Iron Man will come out of retirement, Thor shows up hoping to help Earth avoid Asgard's current state. When they beat the agent of Thanos, who could be  Annihilus or Mantis - lots of choices here. The Heroes think it's over and they are wrong. I also expect Carol Denvers to get hit with some alien tech.

6 July 2018 Carol Danvers will probably wake up and do Captain Marvel things. She'll be zooming around, leaning how to be a hero. I think this will be another hero growing into the role of being a hero but with a female point of view - Captan Marvel has the chance of being that characters that inspires young ladies like Captain America and Cyclops did for me. I want her to lead the film like Chris Evans did with the first Captain America movie. I want to see this accomplished fighter pilot become one of the most powerful character in the Marvel universe deal with that power and coming to terms with the choice of her going out and being that hero. Yon-Rogg is the probable villan.

Inhumans coming out 2 November is the odd duck. I've always thought they had some of the best ideas superhero wise in Marvel. I like the eco-friend race of superhumans and the recent stories that are about more than the royal family are pretty slick so far. I am a huge fan of Black Bolt and when the Inhummans showed up in X-Factor #65-68 (vol.1) I was over the moon watching Cyclops and team fight Apocalyps with an army of Inhumans on the Blue Side of the Moon. They are humans who were experemented on by the Kree, which is getting pretty thick into the lore, so I'd like to see this.

Thanos is an Inhumman (He's originally from Titan - moon around Jupiter) and he's gone rogue. The movie Inhummans explains some of his back story and his power levels. The end of the movie is Thanos showing up to find out why Earth is not yet toasted and where his gems are. I also see the Inhummans working to find the gems - maybe a cultural quest. I just want to see Black Bolt and some of the Royal Family like Medusa, Gorgon, Karnack, Crystal and Triton. Also how cute are they going to make Lockjaw? I think if Groot was an example - very cute.

3 May 2019 the whole shabang ends - Avengers: Infinity War (part two). Thanos versus everyone. Folks will leave, others will stay...

Looks like a hell of a ride.

Also Lady Bear and Rocko will have the best birthdays EVER until 2019.