16 Oct 2014

After the Storm - Table Top

So I now have my copy of Operation: Icestorm. The crew is looking at running Campaign: Paradiso starting November. I have two factions to play with (and a few minis to paint); Japanese Sectoral Army and Nomads.

I have enough minis for each faction by Paradiso has a slew of objectives that require lots of support units and specialist. Also Paradiso is played at 300 point and my average size of game has been between 200-250 so my forces we bought and built for that range of points and SWC (Special Weapon Cost).

So I know I need to pick up a few more minis for each faction - but due to the campaign I'd like to only spend the money on the minis for the faction I'll be using.

Let's go over some needs.


First of all, I still have yet to buy a TAG for either faction. I have a feeling the Salamandra will be resculpted soon so I'll wait out on that guy. Secondly I need to figure out which faction will be getting the TAG .

Iguana Squad
by Corvus Belli
Nomads - I'm looking at the Iguana. All the classic TAG bits and pieces come with this jerk along side a HI (Heavy Infantry) pilot who pops out when the TAG goes down. It also keeps the HMG (Heavy Machine Gun) once free of the TAG to keep working. Also when the pilot has ejected as long it is alive the cost of the TAG is not against my retreat numbers keeping me in the game as a whole that much longer.

JSA - O-Yoroi. This beast of a TAG is fast, agile and sweet looking. The Krazy Koala are also handy as they rush about finidng things to hug with explsive arms. The O-Yoroi also is a CC (Close Combat) monster able to get in and mess with the situational target as needed.

TAG are neat minis as they attrack lots of attention, and as such a player can really spend a slew of resources on a TAG simply because there is a TAG on the board. Something covering a TAG rather then a route for my team to get an objective, sure. Spending a slew of orders wasting the limited number of turns we have per mission trying to drop the TAG, I'm fine with that. You're gona ignore my TAG, ok I'll make ya pay for that by getting it right deep on your face.

Support -

With the level of detail regarding the objectives, having the right specialist can make or break a run for the objective. Being able to pick the right specialist for the mission will make a player's life that much simpler.

Nomads - I have the support pack with the Clockmaker (Engineer), Daktaris (Doctor), and a remote for each (G:Servants). I have the baggage and EVO repeater Zonds as well. The Nomads are littered with plenty of Hacker options and equipment like markers or repeaters. Most of my Hackers are from units that might want to provide something else, even though these secondary Hackers are top tired compaired to the other factions. I need my dedicated Hacker - I need an Interventor. With a Hacking Device Plus and WIP 15 it is the best Hacker in the game. Who would I go into a mission with anything less than my best when it came to Hacking. I should take advantage of the Nomads hack superiority else I'm wasting one of the great advantage of playing Nomads.

by Corvus Belli
JSA - My JSA are hurting in this department. I do not have a dedicated Hacker, Doctor, or Engineer. There is no solid JSA support pack only the Yu-jin. There is a dedicated Doctor/Engineer selection but it does not come with any remotes so it will be in the breeze when it's go time. Hacker wise I do have a Hacker on a bike - yes it can drive a jet engine powered motorcycle and hack complex systems at the same time. I also have a Ninja hacker option. I will need to pick up the Yu-Jin remote pack in order to have a baggage option or even an EVO repeater option

Assault -

Nomads - This is where my Nomads are lacking. I have plenty of mid field minis my various Reverands and a slew of back end defenders Sin Eaters. With new inject of new minis the Grenzer may not be playable until I get N3 before the campaign starts or unless they release N2 rules for the Grenzer. I only have a Zero with E/Mitter (a spiked AOE that zaps folks who get to close) and a Spektr to cause some trouble. I have only one heavy piece of punch and that's the Mobile Brigagda. My idea to is snag the Tomcats box, comes with three AD (Air Drop) specialists and fast hitting selection of weapons.

JSA - I have almost Seven bikes (I'm missing my Yojimbo - not yet out for sale in Ottawa, and I'm needing to get a second box of Aragotos to convert for a Shotgun biker). I also have plenty of Domaru, some Ninja, and my linked team of Keisotsu Butai (Line Infantry). I've got plenty of JSA goodness to come at you or play the midfield. My rear game is weak but I tend to play so far up the table - my opponents deep end infiltrators and impersionators (damn you Haqq!) have nothing to shoot at. I am missing a heavy team of troops to punch holes, I'm so far more fast hitting over hard hitting. I hope my two Domarus have enough to even things out.

Gaps -

Nomads - I'm missing a fast striking team to support any Tomcats I pick up. I don have a unit of Pupniks but I feel like I need more to sort out my issues. My Nomads have a slew of minis to work with and with only a few purchases I should be ok - yet there is something missing with my list. Outside of a few surprises I don't feel I'm able to directly bring the fight to my opponent which is a thing. Closing in and enageging the enemy is the whole role of the Infantry.

JSA - I have a huge force to ram down my opponents throat by my ability to complete the scenario is based on killing other minis rather than doing something. I've got paramedic options but that's not always the need. Support is my largest weekness and I marked down what can fix that above. I also am missing sniper support or long range firepower which will mean another Ninja. I'm not worried about my Mid table control - Musashi has eveything I need to ruin my opponents push on to my side of the table.

- Cheers