18 Sep 2014

What is N3 - Table Top

With the corruption of a few pre-loaded posts due to kittens in tubes, I've had to rewrite a few posts - here is one that was due last week. Sorry again for the technical issues. - Dozer

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For those of you not in the know, a few months back Corvus Beli the company behind Infinity told us that a new edition would be forth coming. Now many of the fans exploded with some rage, due to the fact that we have this thing called the internet and rage quitting is now a life thing folks have to deal with. Others who have their respective ears to the ground have been expecting this for a while, after the following post that Infinity put up in April.
Aragoto by Corvus Beli

You see they changed the official sizes of the bases for many of the larger miniatures. As I play with quite a few Aragoto who will now need to be re based... lucky for me I had already stripped them to redo the whole team of bikers I have.

Anyways... the changes of bases is the start of an avalanche of changes. Some of which have been slowly coming out thanks to the recent convention season and the folks at Beasts of War.

Lets take a look at some of the changes.

Along with the bases, Corvus Beli have also changed how miniatures interact with each other. In second edition, you measure from the center of the miniature. Also you you need to be able to see a portion of the miniature in order to have LoF (Line of Fire - the mechanic which tells players if the miniatures can see each other) which determines the amount of options a model may have in their active and re-active phase.

Ragiks by Corvus Beli
now find the center of this miniature to measure range 
Now Infinity has some of the most brilliant and dynamic posed miniatures in the hobby. The above can be quite a pain in the ass when you're playing a game and conflict outside of the game shows up. Can they get LoF that other model or can't they is pretty regular.

N3 Solution - We measure from the edge of the base. Add in new base sizes and this small change can equal into more clear play regarding LoF.

But wait there is more... Silhouette is now being introduced. When looking to see if a mini has LoF on another you just use the correct silhouette, place it in front of the mini and if LoF can be found with the silhouette you're golden. No more low crouched Nomads or laying prone Tohaa snipers.

New Silhouette's by Warsenal
Warsenal's custom silhouette's were even leaked online a while back. Listed below I've got the leaked preview of the Silhouette's

S1: Servants, on 25 mm bases, 24 mm tall
S2: Humans, on 25 mm bases, 36 mm tall
S3: Remotes, on 40 mm bases, 30 mm tall
S4: Combat Remotes, on 55 mm bases, 30 mm tall
S5: Large, on 40 mm bases, 45 mm tall
S6: Mini TAGs, on 40 mm bases, 50 mm tall
S7: TAGs, on 55 mm bases, 66 mm tall

Now that looks much simpler to aim at.

Just by changing a few small things and keeping the core mechanics the game I know and love is just getting improvements. Most of the changes are simple - minus re-basing a few miniatures. They also make sense.

Since I've been playing most of the folks I play with measure from the edge of the base instead of the annoying game of find the center of the mini.
New Weapon Ranges by Corvus Beli

Another of the changes that have been announced is the new weapon ranges. In second edition if you had the option and the SWC (Special Weapon Cost) available for an HMG, you were silly to not take it. It had fantastic range, massive burst (shots made per active attack) of 4, brilliant damage of 15 and no weaknesses.

N3 Solution - Minimum effective ranges, where a weapon will perform poorly when a target is outside the minimum range. In english - weapon harder to use when target is too close. Sniper rifle's also got hit with this but their range have gotten much better. In the past any target outside of 36" was -3 to hit, now that only happens at 48". In second edition targets outside of 52" were being shot at with a -6! Sniper rifles will never get that low.

Another issue with second edition was the Shotgun. You would find a line trooper with two loadouts at the same cost; one with a Combi Rifle (or Rifle) and one with a Shotgun. Unless you needed a small teardrop template weapon - the lack of shots and range for a single point of damage was never worth it.

N3 Solution - Shotguns now get a +6 at close range! That means with a BS (Ballistic Skill) of 11, a line trooper guarding a door would hit with a BS of 17 (Hitting on anything below 18 on a d20). Give it to a more specialised unit and you have some very high BS numbers.

I'm already reading about folks playing with the new ranges. I'm going to be starting Campaign Paradiso with ODB, Wolf, and Ontos at the end of October and we're looking at using the new ranges. A lot of the feedback I've been hearing from my small corner of the world is more movement with more units as they move out of the optimal range of the opponent's weapons while moving into their own optimal weapon range. Lairs of optimal ranges are becoming more common - folks are picking weapons that in the past edition was less useful. Now thinking between an HMG and something else is an actual question. TAGs no longer hose down targets at point blank range - they will be looking at the other weapon systems.

Once again a small change that has not replaced the core mechanics of the game but adjusted the pace and style of play to be more dynamic and rewarding. More players are setting up a Sniper but now I see only one Sniper instead of two or even three. The light shotguns that many of the Combi Rifle troops carry as a secondary weapon will now be played more often.

The pistol is now a real thing. Those long distance shooters will be used unless you're already sporting a Combi Rifle or a Shotgun.

Now there are more rules that have come out of the folks from Corvus Beli - hit up Beasts of War most recent Operation Icestorm Week and they have more interviews and info on new Camouflage rules and new Loss of Lieutenant rules.

I have to say I'm liking what's changed so far. Infinity is a great game that gets bogged down with poor translations into english, poor edits and rule layouts, and very complex rulings between many exceptions. The new edition looks much simpler and the previews of the new layouts look great. There has even been word on new translators for us non-spanish players.

All in all awesome.