3 Sep 2014

Avatar Kora - TV

If you have not yet seen the three seasons of Avatar: The Last Airbender you are missing out on some brilliant TV. Kids will love the action, animation, and story. Adults will enjoy the lack of treating the audience like a small child with no intelligence and grasp the subtleties of how the show touches on more mature subjects. 

The series deals with War, Family, Death, the Environment, Mental Illness, Handicaps, Tradition, Consequences, Violence, Honor, Friendship,  and even better growing up.

The wife loved it. 

The sequel to the original series with an older cast of characters set seventy years after the original three season masterpiece deals with the latest incarnation of the Avatar: Kora.

Now Season 3 just ended and I have to say the first season was pretty good, but each season got better as we watched Kora become the Avatar of her world. She is headstrong, rebellious, fierce - a truly powerful woman who is growing into her own abilities and adulthood. She is surrounded by a cast of characters that are each their own individual. Unlike the original series where the supporting team around Aang grew out of caricatures at the end of the first season and into full bodied individual people, the writers have made up a fully diverse and developed cast of supporting characters that shine in each episode. 

If you have kids go back to the original series, it's on the Netflix. If you've seen the original series enjoy the new story with Kora. If you're waiting to see the third season - get to it. The end of season 2 left me with a bad taste that the developers of the show would be unable to continue on the story and had back themselves into a corner with the plot and setting. 

Boy was I wrong. Season 3 is the best season of the series and has some of the strongest episodes yet... and the way it ends. So moving as you see the toll that Kora has endured show in the final moments of the season. 

Lets hope we get our Season 4 and the reported shenanigans behind the show allow the team to finish the series.


ps. Season 2 and Season 3 trailers for Kora are after the break. 

Book Two: Spirits

Book Three: Change