11 Aug 2014

Where has the Mass Effect gone?

So the new Mass Effect engine is looking pretty good.

Oh here's the run from E3...

Of course Casey Hudson is now leaving BioWare... so what could this all mean?

I hope it's a whole new version of the Mass Effect games. Like the Final Fantasy Series, I want only the races and names to cross over - Shepard's tale was finished and any attempt to inject another story in Shepard's will lessen the impact of Shepard's three game story. All of the conflict and resolution will become unimportant with this new main character.

Go into another universe that has humans, krogans, turians, salarians, asari, etc... where there is the odd character with the same name but otherwise a whole new story.

Don't call it Mass Effect 4 and try to keep the story going. No matter what your opinion of the end of Mass Effect 3 was - redux or original (which I did not mind), there is no need to go back.

For each story there has to be a point to going back to the well.

What's the point, or main conflict post Mass Effect 3. If you picked the wrong ending and the developers to make Mass Effect 4, choose an ending for you what would you play the previous trilogy? Outside of Shepard, the Mass Effect trilogy was a much about the supporting characters as Shepard. Going back would cheepen the relationship you had forged with the previous characters.

What I want to see is:

Full on space combat - from full on action, cut scene sequences, or even scenarios with choices ala chose your own adventure like the end of Mass Effect 2. Hell even some FTL styled love would be brilliant.

More Mako exploration - the DLC for Mass Effect 2 with the Hammer Head was ok and so was the planet scanning in the last two games. I do not miss each primary quest having a Mako inject but I do miss exploring sections of whole planets. Maybe this time we could do forests, swamps, islands... something more than different skinned mountains.

The return of Mod for equipment - I loved the armour system in Mass Effect 3 but I do miss the weapon customization that was in Mass Effect 1. Not to the bloated degree that was Mass Effect 1 but similar to the armour system in Mass Effect 2 and 3. Pick the colours, skins, various parts leading to different effects or bonuses.

Stealth Missions, or more scenario missions... - With a whole class dedicated to sleath - why not some more stealth missions similar to the Mass Effect 2 DLC with our favorite thief. Maybe a full on breach and clear mission. Maybe even some choices on how to complete a mission. If you're playing the Vanguard breaching into the level makes sense, Infiltrator sneaking in would be a nice touch, Engineer comes up with an alternative entry point... have the players make some choices that could be taken advantage of depending on their play style or class.

More time on the Alien planets - I want to see more of the architecture, movements, and day to day actions of the asari, turians, salarians - even the humans on their homeworlds or colonies. Hell even more time on an alien colony... how to the other races set up a colony differently than the Systems Alliance? Bring Down the sky was a neat look at other places and how the world works with regards to colonies.

Well this was more of a discombobulated rant/wish list and I'm ok with that.

Oh and I'm glad to be playing Mass Effect again for the Journal project.