20 Aug 2014

We have a new Doctor

As the new season of Dr Who is getting ready to launch I wanted to look back at my favorite little snippets from the previous Doctors.


David Tennant in the Children in Need special between the end of his second season and the start of the Christmas special. I love the interactions between the younger and older incarnations of the Doctor doing their thing and being all odd.


Christopher Eccleston is an odd Doctor. The Doctor was gone for a dozen years and suddenly we have this darker Doctor who just wants to live and enjoy. Yet always in the background you see his pain and darkness that wells up from within in. As the series moved on we caught only glimpses of his crime - until this moment. How he ended the time war - this is as close as the Doctor would get to PTSD.


Matt Smith is a new Doctor with a new show runner and the two folks with their new cast and crew had to make a statement. This was it - equal parts homage, history, flashback, sass, threat, and introduction. Simply Brilliant.

'The Doctor will see you now'

To the next Doctor, whomever he will be next.