18 Aug 2014

Mind of a Chef - Watch this... go now.

As things are changing here in the den, Lady Bear, Moby Bear, and myself have been weathering the storm of my nerves and anxious energy with a simple show Mind of a Chef.

Pure PBS Awesome
Normally spend my these more negative energies cooking, training, and punching. After spraining the ankle and with my hand a bit on the fucked up side - I'm not doing two of those things. With the cash still on the low side - cooking is hard to not make cheep.

You see I may have a job soon. Seriously - after everything, almost is way too close.

Training and punching have always been a kind of expulsion of energy since writing and painting are hard when you're a ball of nerves.

Cooking and eating - both favorite things to do have always been a long love. I've gained quite a few pounds over the last year plus since I'm eating junk being unable to cook most meals - thanks old job, not able to work out due to lame schedule, and I'm an emotional eater. If I'm unhappy or very happy - I'm snacking and last year was a bad year for the sleepy bear - the Dozer.

So when me and the Mrs found the Mind of a Chef, we celebrated. We dreamed, we ate, we looked differently at the food we consumed.

The Mind of a Chef follows, so far, three top end chefs as they explore the history, styles, and methods of cooking foods. David Chang, Sean Brock and April Bloomfield three master chefs with plenty of laurels to stand on. Instead you see them sweat, smile, and enjoy the creation of food.

It's a small wonder.

Watch this show - PBS is about to start season 3.


PS If you have the USA Netflix you can watch the first two seasons.