8 Aug 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 07

With Cerberus and the Geth causing trouble, Shepard decided the Geth were first on his list of things to put down before finishing off Saren.

The Geth have been silent and out of contact with Humanity for years, Saren is the reason they've come out of solitude. Saren is counting on them to support his push with the Reapers. They are his greatest ally now that the Krogan support has been culled with the loss of the base on Virmire along with the cure for the genophage. 

The Geth have been a pain. More than once while landed on a planet, the Geth have put down traps to take Shepard down. 

Now Shepard was deciding on more offensive actions. The ability to quell the Geth activities may hurt the support they provide Saren. 

With that in mind, Cerberus was put down to second place while the Geth took first place in things to sort out before Saren. 

The Armstrong Nebula has four active forward bases. One by one, Shepard led his team on planet and took each one down. Shepard cleared out a base on foot and took on the reinforcements that followed once he got out of the Geth base. His team shot down a Geth transport.

Shepard hunted each Geth outpost down. Each one was a launching pad for another attack on another colony just like Eden Prime and Zhu's Hope. The last of the four bases was found on the planet Maji.

The red planet held the most guarded bases, yet Shepard's team took it apart. In the wreckage they found another clue, a trace signal to the main base in the sector on the Notoban moon of Solcrum. The base had heavy defenses guarding it. The geth inside were tough but in the end Shepard's team punched through the Geth.

A Quarian lament was heard over the comms and Shepard was able to pull data from a Geth terminal that was dated near the time of the Quarian exodus.

While in transit towards the Citadel to recover. Shepard approached Tali with the data he collected. At this time Shepard had only spent a minimum of time with Tali to learn about her people and to collect the initial evidence that started the hunt for Saren. She's been a help to engineering crew but Shepard has never once taken her as a member of the assault team. She fills a support role as a Geth expert and advisor on technical issues. Like Wrex, Shepard had a relationship with her but it does not involve combat.

Shepard has served with Kaiden and Ashley and his primary team is Liara and Garrus. He forged a bond with this people. Tali seemed too shy at first and later on too useful to leave the ship. Wrex is unpredictable but his insight into the Krogan and those that follow Saren is invaluable. Shepard is treating them like the Salarian Kirrahe or Virmire, only they are still on the Normandy. Kirrahe was able to return home.

Tali requested a copy of the data that would allow her people to one day defeat the Geth and wipe them out. Shepard has no issue with this after experiencing the horrors of the Geth's actions. If this could keep them in line then so be it.

After a brief stop at the Citadel, it was hunting for Cerberus. Cerberus records had been found through Shepard's missions and one of them mentioned a missing team of scientist. More civilians at risk. Admiral Kahoku was alone operating off the grid in the Voyager Cluster. His spec ops experience should keep him out of harms way while Shepard tried to save the civilians that were probably in trouble.

Shepard and the team landed the Mako near the research center and a cluster of civilian buildings. To the south west of his position in a cluster of valleys. The planet was lush green with motes of dust floating in the air. The Mako drove near the site of the buildings. Upon seeing our first contact with the civilian team, Liara lamented that it looked like everyone had been transformed somehow.

The team moved in and cleared out the first civilian structure of the husks. The former colonists were gone now, and the team took to the task with grim efficiency. Shepard left Liara and Garus behind and he charged every time the team cleaned out the civilian structures. Liara and Garus followed behind covered the odd angles as Shepard let it all out. Once the colony was cleaned out it was off to the Research Station. Answers were a no fail objective. The central terminal had records of Cerberus personnel arriving... they were the last entries.

The colony was a dead end - Kahoku was in deep and had waited long enough. He may not know it but with all the evidence that Shepard had amassed if Kahoku was not yet in trouble, he would soon find himself too deep. Cerberus was way too powerful for a lone former spec ops officer to take on.

When Shepard and his team landed they found the Cerberus base guarded with Commandos and Turret defenses. Shepard led the assault into the base to find dangerous specimens being experimented on by Cerberus staff.  Data from the terminals showed two more bases... this is where Kahoku's trail led.

Shepard led the team into the other two bases quickly and brutally killing all the Cerberus personnel who defended the labs. In the last lab, Kahoku was found - killed by the research staff who were now just as dead as the rest of them. Liara and Garus did find one last clue - the planet Nepheron. A major facility used by Cerberus. Shepard and the team were eager to finish this fight.

During transit Shepard realised he and Kahoku were very much the same. Officers with special forces training - only Shepard came out of the fights alive because he worked with his team. After Kahoku lost his men, he forgot that. Shepard would make sure to remember that for the future.

They arrived in the mountains of Nepheron. The team moved on to the base as a storm. Wipping out all of the defenders before breaching into the base itself. Once inside it was a frantic fire fight in the dim lighting of the underground base. Shepard, Liara, and Garus against a dozer highly trained commandos fighting in the dark. When the flashes ended and the weapons cooled, Shepard wipe the base clean of the encrypted data and left Cerberus with only ruin.

While leaving the system a transmission came in asking Shepard for a copy of the date on behalf of the Shadow Broker who had given Kahoku the intel needed to find the bases orgionaly. Shepard needs information and the Broker is the most informed being in the galaxy.

Fuck it. Shepard's team and those around him - loyal and honest people have suffered because no one knows what's going on in the shadows. Shepard releases the information to the Broker hoping that this is an investment that can bear fruit later.


I know it's been a while but life has been not making it easy. I'm glad to be back.

Shepard is in an odd space right now. There are a few more missions to to sort out as he is collecting evidence to discover the place and time of the end game. Saren's plan is still shrouded and Shepard is seeing the results of the chaos born of Saren's designs are flushing out all the other problems of the galaxy.

Pirates and Underworld bosses are vying for Shepard's attention but they are being ignored. Shepard is set on a course to finish Saren and Sovereign's plan. Unless they can help or they get in his way Shepard is ignoring them.