15 Aug 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy - Film

History lesson - The wee tyke Dozer was in Grade 4. His class was in a portable at the Royal Orchard Public School, his first time not in a military school or international school, and it was also a Grade 4/Grade5 split class.
Taserface holding Nikki hostage
I own this issue, it's somewhere in a box
GotG #2, Vol 1 - By Marvel 

One of the fifth graders traded the wee lad Dozer a comic book, one of his Captain America's from the Dozer's monthly mail-in subscription with Marvel, for Guardians of the Galaxy #2.

I was in awe of the team. Charley 27 from Jupiter, Vance Astro the thousand year old mutant - Lita and Starhawk inhabiting the same body yet longing for a divorce, Yondu with his fancy mowhawk and whistle bow skills, Nikki from Mercury... and that crystal dude who shot fire from one hand and ice from another... I forget his name.

The villains were the Stark, an alien race that who used Tony's technology to raid and conquer worlds for resources. Led by the warlord Taserface - I'll wait for the laughter to end... they learned of the Stark's origins all while trying to search for Captain America's shield.

Jim Valentino had earned a fan with his art and I followed him when he and the rest of the big six started Image comics. I kept up with the first three volumes of his character Shadow Hawk. He also wrote the Guardians of the Galaxy as well, so kudos to him.

When Marvel started the whole Movie thing, they kind of left the whole Marvel in space alone. Until Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning took over the whole Marvel in space. They ran with the Annihilation story arc, followed by the Kings (War and Relm) arcs - but the big by-product and final contribution to Marvel in space was a new Guardians of the Galaxy.

And they used those silly characters that most folks forgot about... Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and that guy Star Lord. That 'who' moment you see in the trailer was done in real life when folks started reading the Abnett/Lanning run. Those two also changed Drax and Gamora - Drax was dumb as brick and big like Hulk. Gamora looked like a green skinned Red Sonya in space. Now the two character's look much better.

So they made a movie - if you have yet to see the trailer watch, enjoy and I'll tell you what I think about the film after the break.

1. This movie will not hold your hand. 

They will talk about the Kree, Ravagers and the Nova Crops. You don't know who they are? Fuck it you'll find out later - they don't have for exposition. There is shit to do and they are having fun doing it. 

2. This movie is not serious. 

This movie is brilliant with it's use of humor. It's almost a comedy. In same cases the gravity of the situation is always lessened because of funny but you tend to forgive this flaw when you're laughing in utter hysterics. Seriously funny. Rocket want's things, Star Lord is not as cool as he thinks, Drax is literal and Groot is well... paraphrasing 'He is Groot.'

3. This movie is one of many. 

You will remember the dude from Avengers who is behind Loki's schemes in the movie. He shows up and the Cube from Captain American and the Avengers gets some more explanation - if you are paying attention. If not... who cares, enjoy the movie. Also the movie is going to get a sequel - Marvel has already said so. After Ultron I expect Avengers 3 will be the final flick of the Marvel movies as we know it - Phase 3 will be a great end. It will probably be Avengers and Guardians working together after the events of Thor 3 and Guardians 2. Finishing off some styled Infinity Quest, where Thanos gets all the various Infinity Gems. 

So final score. 5/5

This movie was great, its has some holes and Yondu is a complete change from his comic version. With those being the only issues the film was fun to see. It wasn't serious, it was fun. Without the humour it would have gotten only a 4/5 but the humor and the dialogue is simply that brilliant. 

Go watch this film.