4 Aug 2014

Ends and Starts

The dark days are over.

The song by Florence and The Machine is not running through my head but it's been an odd ride. Me and Lady Bear came to BC for a few reasons.

1. She has never been and her desire to see everywhere is growing. I love her newfound desire to see what this planet has to offer.

2. I've only been here a few times, only once when not due to work. Also the Okinagan valley is a pretty neat place that was on my to do list for Canada. Come here and tube the river... You'll need to buy a river tube - looks like a big donought that you sit in and get into the river with some snacks and you favorite drinks. Enjoy the 2 or 4 hour ride through the mountains, shallow river, and the odd low level white water.

3. Lady Bear's only cousin that she talks to was getting hitched. 

4. We, as in Lady Bear and I, needed a break. The last 20 months have been stressful as the end of my last job loomed four months away - the clock is still counting as I keep applying for work. The last 14 months have been brutal on us. My overnights, her early mornings... We needed a win. Look at my last post and you see a portion of that win.

Now the list of why we're here is done - Why I'm typing away as the sun slowly creeps over the mountains at 0447 BC local time is because I'm still worried about work, money and all those other things.

Yet... I'm going to not let that ruin my ability to enjoy life anymore. I want to finish my Mass Effect journals. I want to finish painting my minis, play with them more, and enjoy the hobbies I have. I want to be more active, cook more... The list is pretty short actually. There are movies, family, etc... All of those things I want to do and havn't been able to do.

Today as it starts will be our last day in BC, 
our last day on Vacation, 
our last day away from Home, 
our last day where I'm beating my self up

Today is also the start or hopefully better days.