14 Jul 2014

What's new on the Table in July of 2014

Well some things are changing as per the norm in the world and the table is never to be ignored.

So I've decided to give a run down on some of the things I'm looking at with want as the summer convention season winds down for the final laps

1. Magic 2015 Core

M15 is about to drop next week - with this weekend running pre-release events at your local store. When a Core Set drops it really sets the mood and meta for the upcoming block. Waste Not is the new card that was designed by the community. I'm not sure on how this is actually done but the card has some neat things going on and I'm thinking of making a deck that takes advantage of killing a players hand rather than a players library - as I am normally fond of doing (it's called milling in case you decide to look up the word hate in the Magic the Gathering dictionary)

2. Infinity 3rd and Op: Icestorm

Infinity is getting ready to release their 3rd edition of their uber awesome table top game. They have some of the best minis on the market and some of the most sexually provocative miniatures. As good or bad as you may or may not like this, Infinity is a great table top game.

With 3rd edition we can expect to get a better translated book that will clear up some of the odd rules in the game. The hope of players and promises of Corvus Belli is that the rules will not change - the book will just be better organized, updated, and in general cleaned up. On top of 3rd edition we are expecting another Operation book. The last one we got was Operation: Paradiso, but now there is a wave of posters that are showing Operation: Icestorm... interesting and unlike Corvus Belli who tends to put out books one at a time and with great spans of temporal matter between each text release.

3. Privateer Press is getting ready to launch the next Monsternomicon, the Hordes book - Exigence with some fancy looking minis that include Borka on a bear and a new 'lock for Circle who works for my favorite blind druid Mohsar. Hit up the main page and take a look.

Seriously Borka on a Bear!

Yeah the brass balls, fur collar, drunken Trollblood 'lock who goes around getting into trouble just got a Bear to ride and his rules look awesome.

Don't believe me... well take a look at this.

Yeah, he's pretty good looking rules wise. This new Bradigus is mentioned in the Circle book on the orgchart page. You can find him working for Mohsar at the top right of the page. He's also on a large base and he looks damn fine.

Monsternimicon I could go on about but PP did up this nice little video to show you instead.

Yeah that looks good.

So here are some big ticket items I've been looking at with bib.