9 Jul 2014

Today is better

I have only a short shift. The mid week is when I only work six whole hours. By midnight I'm leaving work and I'm on my way home. Forty Two hours of my week are done and before I'm back at work by Sunday.

I'm cranky. Yet this morning as I rip some scraps of the english language and paste them here on my own magic board for all to see, the sun and the breeze are enough to get me through... I rant and rave and I do it pretty publicly - but I bitch about my situation and dumb people.

I'm lucky to have good mates, awesome family, and a brilliant wife.

Still gots foods, a working roof of for my livable flat. I have hobbies and plenty of fun toys...

It's not all that bad - just sometimes. It's inside and I need to let it go.

I don't chill with mates after work and bitch about shit. They mostly are on there way to work or have yet to rise from the depths of slumber, by the time I'm done my shifts.

When the Mrs. gets all lost I ask for her to journal her thoughts, collect them and put them out in a way she can look at them with a different point of view. Yesterday - I did the same thing. I put it all on paper and it's there for folks to see.

Today is better - I still hate it here, but I have hope that 'here' will change and i'll have a little less 'hate' in me when it does change.