31 Jul 2014

On the road

Well I'm out of the box, no longer caged.

Those 12 hour overnights in the restricted zone are done and done.

I'm in BC, British Columbia with the Lady Bear. Us bears have a plan and thats to relax before coming back to the reality of my now no longer full time job... Ok thats my plan. Her plan is to enjoy seeing BC for the first time and wish her cousin well as she gets the hitched.

I did have a post up about Mass Effect and it will go back up next week when me and Lady Bear get back to Ottawa. I also have some more posts as the Operation: Ice Storm info comes out over at Beast of War. Guardians on the Galaxy is out after we get back, and Im eager to see Abnett's team go big screen, they are getting rave reviews and GotG 2 has a release date.

I'll keep ya folks posted when I can but i expect the internets to be not as fancy when we go deeper into the mountains.