9 Jul 2014

My love and hate of the World Cup

I like my futball, football, soccer.


This year the World Cup has been a roller coaster ride. I've been sitting on this post for a few weeks now. Life been busy and time has been precious.

I tend to pick a few teams after seen the last couple of games and looking up the roster. My favorites coming into the tournament are as follows.

Japan -

Japan has a odd history with the sport. They love the sport. It's popular and there is quite a few leagues playing currently now in the nation of the rising sun. They have produced a few good players that have been picked up by the various top tier teams. Each time they get to an international spot they play that much better. I like the idea of the game growing everywhere and Japan spends a lot of time making plays and it's always neat to watch a fresh almost naive team try and make some great looking plays.

Netherlands -

As of this post, I can hear the CBC in the background in their semi final match playing on my browser. I hope they win. Robben is a favorite player and he's been doing well so far with the team. Robbin van Percy is a long time favorite footballer. His time at Arsenal really polished his style, as much as his departure for Man U last year felt like his a bit like a mercenary. He has to do what he feels he needs to do and I don't blame him for wanting a different team. I watched the Netherlands vs Greece game and I saw that van Percy dolphin impression that set the final tone for that match resulting in putting their best foot forward. I like the way the team is known for strategizing and forcing the other team to play outside their comfort zone.

Germany -

Mom is German. For as long as I've started watching World Cups... urm 1998. I've always cheered for Germany. It's a heritage thing and this year it's nice to see a good technical team playing their game. The 7-1 win over Brazil yesterday shows us what type of game they play and how effective it is when it gets to be played.

Colombia -

They have been playing with their hearts and their departure from the tournament was disappointing. I don't think they should have lost to Brazil - they are the better team. It's too bad they lost. I was hoping they would get to play in the Semi finals. If they had come and beaten Germany I'd be happy with that too. Columbia seemed like the team that had worked hard to get back in the tournament and they were pushing to earn each victory with any history or laurels that some of the more common World Cup teams sport.

Those were my picks and it's nice at this time of typing (3 mins into the NED v ARG game) that some of my picks have advanced. My wish is a Netherlands and Germany game - I think that would be a great game of football. Lots of moments, plays and great tries. If Argentina would win, I think Germany would treat them like Brazil and push through for a one sided game.