28 Jul 2014

Infinity Starter BOX - The Showing

Beasts of War got the world showing of the new Infinity Box set. If you have not yet seen the video I'm posted it right here and I'll see you after the break.

First off the minis look awesome.

Pan-O looks great, uniformed and really showing off the high tech equipment that Pan-O tends to sport. They have some neat stuff and with a Jump trooper it's a good start with many of the bells and whistles of the faction. Add in their fancy only in this product mini with his close combat too cool for school style and Pan-O has got some great troops in this box.

Nomads - my favorite faction. The Mobile Brigada mini looks awesome with the new sculpt. The new sculpted line troops look awesome. The Spktr is a great addition to the starter and a classic in the faction. The new Sniper mini (didn't get the name in the video) with the MSV is quite the addition to the faction. My mini of choice is the Observant Doctor - the Reverend Healer.

The mat and terrain look ok - just enough to play and can add even more objects to the pitch. In Infinity you can never have enough terrain. The markers and templates in the box is a welcome addition.

I'm a little hesitant about the rule book - I was hoping for a full set of rules in a mini format. I do like the mission based gradual learning of the rules to really get new players into the game.

All in all this looks like a brilliant package, that when I can afford it - I will pick up.