24 Jul 2014

Infinity Starter Box Set!

Operation: Paradiso was one of my favorite tabletop miniature books in recent memory.

It had a great robust campaign that allowed you to play through a win/loss path of connected missions with your buddies - sets of 4 players was the best result.

Each mission was a series of connected conflict between the various forces as they were solving a mystery of who are the Tohaa. You as the player could play the scenario with your own chosen forces or play with the list from the story. Imagine getting the list for the famous battles in Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, MERC's and then play them as per the prose?

Paradiso also had some great new minis that added more to each faction on top of delivering a whole other faction to the game. Then you got the final goody - the Spec Ops. Allowing players to play any campaign and have a advancement system for one miniature through the campaign to make them into your hero.


So when Corvus Beli showed us a posted for Operation: Icestorm - I'm thinking how can they do this again. Covus Beli is ramping up for 3rd edition and they are still getting a groove - time between major releases tends to get big.

Well folks it's a Starter Box Set!


Operation: Icestorm boxset by Corvus Beli
So looking at Pan-O vs Nomads - awesome idea plus I play Nomads and I like the idea of more Nomad love at all times.

Looking at the list for the Nomads, three Alguaciles - classic group of PBI (poor bloody infantry), a Mobile Brigada - handy heavy infantry, and a Spektr - great infiltration unit. So far all bread and butter Nomad minis. I have no idea who Grenzer is - a new mini, and a Reverend Healer - what the deuce, nice. Two new minis for my favorite faction of the O-12, brilliant.

Pan-O has a great list as well. Bread and butter with some flash with the ORC, the commando and the knight. Add in the new minis that also come with the Pan-O and you're rocking it.

What is really getting my attention for this box set is the terrain, the full set of d20 (I have plenty - but these are Infinity themed), markers, and templates. Oh also the new pocket rule book ... 3rd edition rule book. No more A4 sized monsters in the bag, no more need of internets or slow moving PDF's. Oh yes Infinity has free rules and that's brilliant but an easy to flip through, no fluff, widdle rule book.

Few two player starters come with so many goodies. Dropzone Commander is another great looking starter box full to the brim with stuff, also including terrain. The Hordes/Warmachine starter box set it pretty slick as well, plenty of cards, mini rules, models. So another good buy is coming down the pipe and I'm not swimming in as much cash or time as I'd like... damn.

Ahh... oh and more info is coming from Beasts of War later today with a full showing of the contents.