22 Jul 2014

I should have gotten the job...

This is a line I hear often from a person who through my experience should not have gotten a job or position. When I catch myself from saying I need to make sure I'm alone because I'm not sure if some one else would look at me the same way I look at those folks.

There are times when I find a position that I get excited. When I even get a call back is a day to celebrate. Most of the time I don't get a call back... it's a bad time to be unemployed. I have fifteen years in a technical field, with plenty of leadership and training experience. Add a BA with a Minor in English I figured I could find a niche, someplace that would look at my skills and experience and hire me.

I know what I'm good at.

Convincing those who've never worked with me - that's harder.

So far impossible.

It's hard to dream and try to think about weddings, kids, cottages... it's hard to think about the shit I ramble on about here in my silly blog.

Since December 2011, my resumes have been launched and I've only had two replies. One has turned me down the other I got pushed on the list because I got sick during the paid training, and I've yet to hear back.

It's been a while since I got a win. I look back at everything - hoping to learn anything. I should have been more myself during the interview, I should have tried to be more relaxed, I should have... been someone else who will be getting the job.