10 Jul 2014

D&D Next

Update: Here is the handy link for the current 5th edition rules (ver 1.0)

Ok so D&D Next aka 5th or what ever they are calling it is out as of the 4th of July. Well at least the starter box... so what do I think about that?

Dungeons and Dragons was a coming of age for the pre-Dozer. The wee lad me, always found this box. In the massive blue chest that held all the family board games.

Now I was playing Steve Jackson's (of GW not GRUPS) and Ian Livingston's, Fighting Fantasy books before I eventually played this purple bad boy. Fighting Fantasy started with Portal of Evil as my first owned copy that I picked up and was playing in the third grade. I also played Clash of the Princes, which the old man also had locked away on his shelves next to the original Grail Quest Trilogy box set.

I finally got the gumption and asked Papa Bear and Mama Bear to pull out the unused boxset and run me through my adventure.

That's right - I played D&D with my parents. I was in grade four and they did me a life long solid. It was brilliant. I never had so much fun before without LEGO.

aside: LEGO was the family toy since we moved around alot and LEGO is easy to pack... hint don't use plastic garbage bags. LEGO be sharp and tends to escape

So old is new... for lots of things these days and I found this neat little video. See ya after the break.

Lordy that was funny, watch the rest of the set - he goes on a bit and it's a funny time killer.

So D&D. You monster, you beast... you old dog that was put out to pasture.

Oh I'm porbably going to try out the new starter. While writing this, Pale Rider, gchat'ed me with a link and offers to run it on a Friday night game. So yes, I'm probably going to play this new edition - but I think I'll stick to other games for my RPG'ing needs.

You see 3.0 (aka D&D 3rd Edition) was a brilliant game changer. Gone was THAC0 and the reverse AC. In was the Feat, the critical threats, and Thieves were Rogues...

aside: as the party default Thief this was the hardest thing for me to accept... I love being the sneaky fucker - the current Rogue rules are pretty neat so far... so far

So it was a great game and like swiss cheese from the supermarket - it had a few holes. It had a more complex rule set, full custom classes... it was neat. Broken as all hell but neat. When folks applied things like, urm Math and English, they tended to run the system hot bypassing all the finicky things like being bad at stuff or not killing something awesomely.

3.5 was needed fix and yes once more I picked up most of the books for 3.5 which also had my favorite setting in D&D since... Forgotten Realms (which has pretty much sucked since it left 2nd edition and got rid of the fancy coloured logo), Dark Sun (the red headed step child of awesome), and Birthright (the only one that has never had a chance to come back since 2nd edition).

aside: Eberron was where I was going yet forgot to mention

So after a while they made 4th edition. I picked up the Player's Handbook and then promptly stopped playing D&D. Pathfinder updated and cleaned up 3.5 plus they had better support and the system as it grew never broke itself. The regular posting of adventure campaigns (Kingmaker is so far the best I've played) has really pushed Pathfinder past D&D with their own product.

Yet... like D&D it's more math than Role-Playing. It's fun but Iron Kingdoms, Legend of the Five Rings, and Warhammer Fantasy (2nd edition) all hold a stronger sway and their voices to be played are much louder.

aside: the list goes on with oWOD, nWOD, the 40k RPGs, Exalted, etc...

So I will try 5th edition but I think I've left the worlds of D&D behind.

Yet I still sport somewhere the idea of THAC0 and getting 18(00) strength

aside: 18 (anything) strength was stupid... always was, always will be... it was never a good idea. 

Roll 20's - cheers.