19 Jun 2014

Transformers - Damned and Loved

Ok out the of 80's we had some great cartoons. Many did not survive the test of test of time and yet those that did are cherished that much more.

80's Cartoon Montage
He-Man, Visionaries, Thundercats, Silver Hawks, Tigersharks, MASK, Bionic Six - there is a long list. Yet some of those cartoons like Robotech (US mix), GI Joe, and Transformers are still watchable today with minimal laughter and sudden bouts or realising ridiculousness.

It was 2007 when Michael Bay who was known for bombastic action and great long shot action setups decided to show us his vision of the Transformers. He rocked the Bad Boys films and I did enjoy the Island as much as it was disliked by many a critic. Armageddon was awesome and the Rock was a joy to watch.

Michael Bay made fun films and he was going to play in my cartoon memories.

I expected this to fail the fans of those shows because - it was going to be different. Any fan of a comic getting turned into a film will recount any difference. So to will any fan of the Lord of the Rings after the battle of Helms Deep from the second film. So we saw this before we saw the film...

I walked into that film with only one desire. To witness Optimus Prime give his greatest lines and watch him animated like never before. I wanted to see him run Decepticons down, flip over them, and blow the rest away. I wanted his to say "One shall stand, one shall fall."

I wanted this...

I got that - more than once...

As I left the first film - I was satisfied. Not as much robot action as I wanted but I got my Optimus love scene. One that would be repeated more than once in three movies that would make up Michael Bay's 'Sam Trilogy' -

Seriously Mr. Bay knows how to make action look pretty and fun. I expected that after three films we were done. We had some great lines, lots of useless humans screaming, tons of robot death, explosions, plot holes, racial stereotyping, and big robot balls.

Seriously - big robot balls.

Michael Bay has had some fun with my cartoons and he's back for round four. Transformers is popcorn movies - action, madness, silly words all on a musical backdropped canvas of frantic action and kinetic violence.

I will watch the next film. I've yet to miss a single one. I know they are bad but they are bad in a way that very young Dozer would be awe inspired and hope to see the virtual reboot in thirty years when you plug into our internets via our brains.

I'm gona have fun.


- next time we're gona look at that flash on my TV