27 Jun 2014

Mr. Dozer - what's the new

You may have noticed, I'm kinda back. Well I'm making more of an effort to write and post.

Life's been interesting and it's getting a bit better. Some jobs are panning out but they are still a long way off from become solid and that's still scary. Today as I write this, it's Saturday at 0512 and I'm up because of Ottawa Rib Fest food and beers from 3 Brewers. The meat was good, the beers ok. The odd belly feelings that woke me up at 4 am... not so kewl.

The best part was chillin on a patio. Chilling with the Mrs - Lady Bear, Dawn Seeker, Ontos and his lovely Mrs. Ontos, Second Sergeant, and Pale Rider with his lady. We laughed, had fun, the world was gone for a whole afternoon. The Ontos' took the afternoon to enjoy a adult time/date and picked up the wee baby Ontos later on. Second Sergeant took an early departure from work and reveled in the sweet smoked flesh.

After the whole thing - I even took the Mrs to see Rocko do his thing at Britannia Beach and chill.

By the time this gets posted I have Charging Pun, Lady J and their wee three babies (the eldest is 5 - but it still counts) coming down. Charging Pun will be playing as a member of the Guelph based Grand River Gargoyles against the Ottawa Swans.

This last winter was the second worst winter of my life. The worst winter is a long Jerry Springer inspired tale that folks who do know me will know what I'm on about.

I've got a lot of good coming. One of those good things is Papa Bear is coming home after five months in Dhaka. Brother Bear and his wife Sister Bear are expecting another Pittsburgh Steelers fan to be born come September. I'm gona pass through Petawawa come July (not that far off) to visit Ferrus Manus who left the city last summer and has been away to places around the world.

I'm also not set yet. That's the hardest thing so far. I can't plan too far ahead for fear of the unknown. I don't know where I am in 3 months. Hopefully working a better job. One that's more accommodating to friends and family.

My hours are still killer - Charging Pun will be up for a whole weekend and I'm unable to clear lots of time off... it's sad.

Things are getting better and they could be much worse.

I'm ok for now.