12 May 2014

Well Facebook - You're done

I've been thinking of doing this for a while. My sister in law took the step away from the facebook and I've pondering that it's a fine idea.

When I started this experiment I posted about Facebook and how friends interacted and how Facebook was not friendship.

Now social media is not the enemy. The amount of time I spend locked into and trapped within the bounds of social media is a problem. I am my enemy. When I look around on where I spend my time on the internets the list is much longer than I had pictured and half of it spent in the sphere of social media.

Facebook, Webcomics, Blogger, Comic News, Interest Forums, Hobby News, E-mail, Video Game News, You Tube, other Blogging Sites... 

I know folks are using Facebook and other social media to connect - Lex has her Facebook and Blog to keep in touch with folks as she travels the world for a year. Julia and the rest of her sisters are exploring the trials and lessons learned together by expressing their collected views. My family has a whole page dedicated to being a 'chillin' or child in the family. It has two generations of the family in the list and once the smallest of the grandkids gets old enough, I can see little Sophie getting an invite to join. 

I don't hate Facebook. I don't think it's a total waste of time. It's just no longer for me. 

I started up on Facebook to keep up with events. Since then it's been more about replacing my experience socially and it's become a shitty event planner. The last event I put together went well but as a tool for event tracking Facebook has started to fail me. Not because it's a shity device but due to the way folks use facebook and reply to the events they get through the service.

I'm like the odd moments of my past that will be lost somewhere in the zeros and ones. They may come back but I'm fine with that. It won't be that big of a change and I'm not ashamed but I'm just no longer keeping those pictures up on the wall - internet wall anymore. 

If you're looking for me I'm still here (blogging and in the real world) but I'll just be less there. 

So I've copied my photos, got off all the things I left on the cyber floor in the Facebook room and now I'm ready to head off to the wild blue yonder of less Facebook.