23 May 2014

Retirement - For the Dog

Sgt Jason Bos worked for five years with his partner, Cici aka Cila M389 to sniff for bombs. They deployed more than once and ventured into a war zone together. After their last deployment they continued to work to sniff for explosives for presidential visits. 

Sgt Bos left the service due to back injuries. Cici continued to work. 

One day Sgt Bos discovered that his old partner was to retire and be sent up for adoption. 

I've spent a lot of time with Veterans. I've seen the level of camaraderie that is unmatched. Those that walked into Hell with you and returned are close. Vets find it hard to not go out of their way for their fellow brothers and sisters in arms. 

Sgt Bos decided to adopt Cici. He hoped she would remember him. He has a place on the couch for her. So he decided to meet her on the last day of her job.

Hopes and dreams do come true. 

To Cici I pass on words that I heard at a retirement dinner for another veteran. 

"You're duty is done. You're logs have been entered. Stand-down, stand-down." - Signals PMC, May 2007