3 May 2014

Inspiration - Fuck Cancer

So... cancer. Fuck Cancer!

Seriously, it's bloody lame. I was floating through the Facebook space and surfing the net and I ran into "Fuck Cancer". Wow - I wanted a T-Shirt, I know a few folks with the big old Cancer monster. They had this video in the wall and wow I was impressed.

Take a look see you after the video.

So I went to the Fuck Cancer site.

I saw the following video and I was impressed by a few things. The arrogance and the intelligence of the message.

I'd never had heard of the term PinkWashing. I am aware now.

I also like the ways in which you can help, common cash or Aeroplan miles. Very neat.

I also like the T-Shirt.

Romp and read people - Tell me what you think.

Fuck Cancer indeed.