23 Apr 2014


I tried to finish one of my posts - actually the last one. I wasn't super happy with it. I didn't feel it had the level of polish I've been trying to implement. It was missing images and hyperlinks ... all those things that make a post go from ok to a bit better.

Today (Tue) was a good day.

I came home after a 12 hour shift, picked up the wife and took her to work so she could avoid the buses. I pulled into the flat and crashed right after seven. She called me so I cut my sleep short and with shy of six hours of sleep I'm back up.

Tonight I'm not going to another 12 hours of a cage.

Tonight I'll be drugging myself so I can sleep by midnight.

Tomorrow, (Wed) I will be getting a medical for one of the job I posted in Aug ... last year!

I'm in the final running. If I pass this, there is a good chance I'm gone earn an extra 30% to my pay each check after tax. So not bad...

I'll have the odd weekend of work, I may have to work the odd late or early shift. I'll be home in bed with my wife when the night comes. We'll be working in the same building and may be able to travel together. I know that from time to time my job will be to directly keep her safe from harm.

I'll no longer walk the night but join you all in the sun.

So I'm fucking nervous.

Yes, back to cursing... using them as verbs, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, adjectives... those english words.

If I win this it's a start.

If I earn this, it's a win.

I've been sorely lacking in personal victories.

Everyone else around me is winning - I like that. I want to best for everyone... I could also use some of that for me.

I'm being selfish. I don't care.

I just could use a win.

Wish me luck - Cheers