22 Apr 2014

Table Top - Warmachine: Vengeance


That's the sound that Warmachine releases make when they show up.

Vengeance is once more like most of the other expansions that come out for Warmachine and Hordes. Unlike other games where army books are released one at a time - Privateer Press releases one book for each of the two games about once every sixteen months.

Each book will have new figures, rules, and the continuation of the over arching plot. Each chapter is dedicated to a faction so everyone gets new toys to play with.

Since Mark II (aka Second Edition), we've had two other Warmachine and Hordes releases. Wrath and Colossals for Warmachine with Domination and Gargantuans for Hordes. Vengeance is the third release for Warmachine.

Now another neat thing about the way the game is released is that the miniatures are released ahead of the book and through the year after the release of the book. Many of the Cavalry units and some of the solos have already been released.

Another odd duck to Vengeance is the inclusion of the journyman Warcasters for the kickstarter are also included. The miniatures will get a general release and we've already seen the rules but now it seems I don't have to pull out a fancy PDF file - I've got the hard copy.

So lets take a look at some of the really fancy entries in this book.
Best 'caster - epic Reznik (Protectorate of Menoth)

Vengeance is a hard book for me. Cygnar got a great entry, Stryker getting a second epic which included a horse (aka Stryk3r). Goreshade a favorite in fluff and rules shows really well for Cryx. The Butcher's new epic form has been seen for a while on the table and he does really well. Issyria is neat, with no (I mean zero) offensive abilities she has no way of dealing damage herself and is reliant on others to get the work done. All of these 'casters are nice, with some neat rules.

Reznik stole my.. heart.. I guess? He's looking great rule wise. After Lilyth's second epic, Reznik will be the second 'caster to be a cavalry and battle engine warcaster. Both cavalry rules and battle engine rules come with lots of things to do. When I have time and money to start my other smaller armies, Protectorate is on my radar. Reznik is on that list... both Reznik's are on that list.

With a solid focus, some pricey mostly up-keepable (only one is not) spells, and some high stats you're looking at some high numbers. Add in his neat rules like Lamentations of Suffering, Take Down in the pill topped by his feat and you have a solid 'caster choice.

I expect it will take a long time for folks to really get the grasp on Reznik. I look forward to shooting him across the pitch.

Best 'jack - Grolar (Khador)

Yes the elves had a fancy phoenix 'jack. Yes it has a mini feat. Yes it rocks it pretty hard.

It's also costly and a character 'jack so only one per army and tournament entry.

The Grolar from Khador is just screaming for two things, fuel and bullets. With a base arm of 20 and 34 boxes of damage you're looking at a monster to put down. Now with some focus this beast gets another 2" to movement and if you've played with the reds on the other side of the pitch, you learn to love their slow speed. There are quite a few games I give to the slow speed rather than my own tactical success.

It's primary beatstick is a hammer that I believe that was stolen Hammersmith tech from the Cygnar labs. The other arm sports a open hand with a ROF 5 autocannon. Oh and it has Virtuoso, so shooting and hitting in the same round... everytime with gun fighter. Slap in pathfinder for more movement pluses and you have to look twice to get the 9 point price.


Best 'solo - Stormblade Captain (Cygnar)

What this guy does for Storm Knights (Stormblade, Stormguard and Stormlances) is damn right ugly. Sure most of the solo commanders are good and they make their guys do much better but the Capt makes those with Storm nouns awesome.

'Jack Marshal a Stormclad or the new Reliant, hell why not both. Show up with a brick of Stormguard, Stormblade and Stormlances. Now charge your layered storm cake down your opponent's throat. Let the guard move in a do a short charge to clear out the front ranks. Have the blades move past the leftovers to start hitting deeper into the enemy lines. Finish off with some lances to get deep into the enemy forces and enjoy the effect of lightning.

Cygnar can make a brick that is not only tough but now packs a solid punch. They have been missing this and now the Capt made it happen. Stormbrick for the odd win... or mort like the odd challenge.

Best unit - Tactical Arcanist Corps (Mercs)

The Mercs got a toolbox and some magic juice. Slap around some 13 P+S damage that makes even more magic and vola you have a jack-in-a-box fire spitting heavy armour infantry unit.

Were talking Magic at 7, three spells that ruin your day. Three spells: one for dropping fools, one to cover an advance, and the last to make folks think twice about getting into their faces.

Everyone else got dudes and dames on horse but the Dwarves showed up, ignoring the horse and just bowled in with smoke and fire.

Best Jr - Aiakos (Cryx)

The big fallout with Vengeance is the release of the of the mini warcasters. Each faction earned a new wet behind the ears, fresh out of school, yet to be proven wana-be warcaster.

I ended up looking at Aiakos - fast made even faster with a 'jack thanks to the spell Escort. Stealth, Jump and a harpoon to really pull in those problems to sort out. Add in the ability to give out Grievous Wounds to sort out those that heal or sport Tough and you're looking at a brilliant Jr.

Most of the Jrs in the book have one trick, maybe two. Aiakos has a few more. He's a real danger for solo, lights and the poor 'caster who gets in range of Aiakos. Throw in massive amount of pain brought by a full warcaster and you could have Aiakos really dig into a unit of fools.

Like most Jr he's still easy to kill but before you get around to it, he'll ruin your day.

See ya next time...