20 Apr 2014

Media - Advice from Ze

Since I've been unhappy, I've been far more abrasive with Lady Bear. I'm short and when I start getting angry I see that she's also unhappy with out situation.

We see each other for about an hour and a half each day when she gets home before I head off to work. When I'm not working I try to keep my overnight sleep schedule because not keeping it up makes the work nights that much harder - plus I become a right horrid git and grumpy jerk.

So we've had some fights - but we love each other and we're just getting things off our chest, we're frustrated - we're trying to keep it in a bit more because we don't want to burden the other with our current shit.

So we're having a few more fights. In a few days, I've been at the this job and on this time table for ten whole months.

So I'm gona yammer about fighting... and yammer I mean I found someone else who explains it better then me.

If have yet to see of any of Ze Frank's videos you need to correct this, link's on the sidebar.

Me and the Mrs are fine.

We've been having disagreements, aka fights since we hooked up at the start and we've fought even harder to make sure we feel better afterwards.

Fighting requires two people and I don't mind it so much because we are fighting because we care about the other.

It's a small thing but for us it's a thing that works.

I love Lady Bear - the Mrs. is a important person to me and she's the awesome.

Oh and by the by, I'm feeling a bit better.

I'm working on earning wins, even if they are small, they are a win.