2 Apr 2014

Looking for work

One of the shity things with my current job situation is I work as a guard in a cage. In this cage I am locked away for 12 hours. With no cell, internet, radio, music, computer, phone - just a clock and the shit I need to keep track of.

I live on the other side of the day, which you Daystalkers call the night.

This is a shity job, it pays mind you and I have plenty of time to think and scribble.

To look for work, Lady Bear helps me out with finding new jobs on her time off. I get home and as I crash, the sun rises and I read up on the possible job postings that may fit my CV. It's not until Saturday night, when I get to finally kick out most of my applications.

I had a few options coming to bear some fruit but alas, nothing yet so back to the CV's and cover letters.

It's up to me to find work and change my situation.

This past Saturday, right before I turn 34 years old, I started back at reviewing my CV and cleaning up cover letters. Completing online applications and praying that I get a fucking break in the coming months.

Living the dream is hard when you have trouble paying for the awake part.

Sadly this situation is not uncommon or even rare. It's being heard everywhere and it's really lame.

So if you're looking for work - keep at it.

We all need to be reminded there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we need to keep plugging away. We will find a job - we just can't stop looking.