29 Apr 2014

Learning to Breath

This week looks imposing. I heard this song.

More after the break.

The Mrs becomes 30 on Star Wars day (that's May the 4th) we have a whole day on Saturday with her family. There is a chance we'll have drama... I dislike drama.

Friday I'll be working at job number 2 (for the Man). I'll be teaching. I've been thrown a project to come up with a new way to prep our junior leadership candidates pre-training and it's a gamble that I'm not feeling all that ready for. I'll do it but maybe not as well as I'd like. Urg.

The IT contractor job (job number 3) I work a few days a month has a task for me, so Thursday is gone and Wednesday is losing more time. When I rise on Wednesday, I'll be up at noon, low on sleep out to job number 3 before doing a six hour shift at job number 1 (the guard job) (Wed is my Fri - only a half day).

I'll be home by midnight crawl into bed and hopefully get enough sleep to work on the days off.

It's Tuesday and I'm about to head out for a full shift, that's 1800-0600 without the hour of travel time.

That's my week. I've been doing full shifts since Sunday...

Saturday night I need to stay up until 0400 on Sunday or else I'll be fucked for work come Sunday at 1800.

I'm in a spiral of lame hours and little time for my life. I'm back to living in the dark alone while the friends, family sleepaway stars.

I want to make sure Lady Bear has a good birthday but I feel I'm out of time. I never have enough time and I'm trying to stop and take in air.

It's ok.

It will get better...

That's hope.