10 Feb 2014

Where is the Warmachine

So it's been a while since I hit the table. It's bit frustrating but I live.

I've been keeping up with Warmachine and Hordes over the last year even though I don't get to play much. I've been painting my minis mind you and all of my Skorne are painted and dipped. My small Circle force is not that far behind.

I have been able to visit the Iron Kingdoms over the past couple of months through the release of their RPG and the follow up book Kings, Nations, and Gods. So I've not been completely amiss to the workings over in PP land.

I do admit that I've been in other worlds since I started my current job. The lack of time has forced me to find alternatives that would allow me to play on the table for short periods and in a shorter window of opportunity.

So Templecon is out and the folks at Privateer Press posted some new stuff. Take a look at the vid and I'll see you after the break.

Watch live video from PrivateerPress on TwitchTV

I'm impressed once more. Privateer Press have grown into quite the showmen and their regular release schedule is refreshing. Games Workshop take note and shame on you if you havn't already. I'm going to break down my interest from the recent releases and the above video preview by faction for easy of organizing my thoughts.

Cygnar -

My main faction, the ladies and gent's in blue, the Swans... I still have plenty to paint, dip, and base. The next time I get any long term vacation, I hope to drop another few minis in the lab and come out painted. The Storm Wall took some damage and is under repairs but I'll be getting to it soon. My three main 'casters are still Kraye, Siege and pNemo but the new Styker mini is looking damn fine rules wise.

I'm really interested in getting some more minis - the wife is groaning after reading this, but mostly some Tempest Blazers. Hell who can ignore tricorner hat wearing, pistol wielding, light cav? Not me. They look awesome. I also have some large end repairs on some of my other minis and that's a pain in the butt, yet long overdue.

So for this year, Cygnar is house keeping and getting some time on the table.

Skorne -

First this first. I have not a single unpainted Skorne mini. With the bearers and bringers of pain I've kept to my rule of no new minis without finishing the previous purchase. The force is needing a huge upgrade in model selection. I've got my eyes on one or two heavy infantry units: Cataphract Cetrati and Cataphract Acuarii. Both are great units that can really tarpit up and deal big time damage. I think they will follow my next Skorne purchase Paingiver Bloodrunners. These little dudes are great and wiping out single wound units and jumping across the pitch. Outside of walking units the Praetorian Ferox is a co$tly addition as they would be incomplete without Tyrant Rhadeim and they are a Cav unit and those are always not cheap.

Outside of a unit I'm also looking at a new warbeast. The Archidon is at the top of the list. Next up is a Titan Sentry and maybe even Tiberion that Titan character Warbeast. The new Reptile Hounds also look damn fine and I think would be a great addition to my lighter 'beast selection. I've been looking at a Razor Worm or a Cyclops Shaman as a light 'beast entry as well.

Solo wise an Agonizer would up my tool box quota. I've already got a Willbreaker and a Void Spirit so another solo is low on the list. If I did pick up another solo Marketh is also on the short list of wants. I like tool boxes and both of those solos give me plenty to play with, in terms of options on the pitch.

I'm hoping to play a lot more Skorne this year and give them some more time.

Menoth -

The new eReznik on a Chariot
now with more Wracks
I want to get the 2 player starter. I want to play Reznik since Pale Rider jumped in with me in the game and picked up the Protectorate of Menoth. He went for the naked monkey and blind little girl before rounding out his love of the faction. Reznik is also due to go epic. Reznik has this thing of Wracking people he beats up, so he carries a few around with him. Of course he can never carry enough so he got a ride to carry more Wracks.

Of course getting into Menoth even for a small army would mean a heavy initial investment. I've already got plenty to paint so I do want but I'm not gona pick up... unless I get a fancy new job.

Cryx -

My Cryx are still under construction and I'm miffed at myself everytime I see them. I've got a good start but I've always had something else attract my ADD laden attention. Goreshade is my favorite 'castes next to Venethrax and the three sisters. I still want Venethrax since he loves killing Dragons and anything that's a warbeast. Plus he's a neat character that I hope gets some more screen time in the next book.

Goreshade also got upgraded in the next book and the new Gor3shade looks pretty nice. He will also be getting a horse.

My issue with the Cryx faction is the everlove of Gaspy aka Asphixous and he shenanigans. He's an ok Villain but I want more of the rest of the faction. He's a bit of the Wolverine of the faction and Logan has always bored me...

So that's what I'm looking at since the release of Temple Con and the Q&A that Privateer Press ran on Friday.