17 Feb 2014

Media - The Netflix

So Netflix. I like Netflix.

I don't mind paying $8 a month for TV. I don't feel like paying more than $20 for cable because there is nothing on cable I want to see. Most of the shows I want to see are limited in number and not playing on basic cable.

In the past I only had the internet and as long as I bought less than 12 DVD box sets a month I'd be still saving money and getting more from my shows then I would through the far more expensive cable TV. Also I was able to watch the whole series or season on my time and not be chained to the date, time and release schedule of the cable channels. Once it was out on DVD it was mine.

I didn't download my TV from torrent sites. It was too much effort for me and I was too lazy to figure out a streamlined process to get my TV.

When Netflix came out I was in heaven. I stopped buying TV on DVD's. Most of the time I watched it once then never went back to the show. So I started to save me even more money.

When Netflix started making their own TV shows I was reminded of HBo and how they started out. When HBO started making enough coin to produce their own specialised shows, HBO cut out the middle man and started to main line the money from TV.

Netflix is doing the same and it's awesome.

For example if you like Star Wars. Disney and Netflix have a deal you may want to know about.

That's bloody awesome. I've been so wanting to get into the Clone Wars series but I've not had the time to go looking for it. Now the whole thing and the new (also Final) season of the show will be solo for Netflix. Awesome!

Now add a few other awesome exclusives such as the US version of House of Cards, Hemlock Grove, Orange is the New Black, Arrested Development (new Seasons) and Lillyhammer. By the by if you have Netflix you're probably watching House of Cards season 2 simply because it's that awesome.

Now then one of my favorite movie making duos the Wachowskis have hooked up with a favorite writer and sci-fi creator JM Straczynski are doing a new TV project called Sense8. It was also just picked up by Netflix!

Just on the new stuff alone Netflix has been a great substitute for TV. For a guy who works 12 hour night shifts Netflix has been that saviour along side Video Games used to keep the sleep schedule.

I still see where folks are having a hard time with Netflix and I think it's a generation gap. My parents use it on an Xbox 360 but they also like to watch the up to date new shows. Hell in Canada we don't have Hulu but we can just hit the TV station Websites and stream it with commercials. They don't watch TV like and the Mrs. They get frustrated with their PC's and mostly say 'fuck it' and get cable.

It seems the folks before us are far to used to getting TV the cable dishes it out and just don't care enough to explore different ways to get that entertainment.

Also Canadian Netflix has somethings the US Netflix doesn't have while the US version has even more things the Canadian version doesn't. With a DNS service you can get around that, hell at home we have an Apple TV on American Netflix and another Apple TV on Candian Netflix.

Anyway... Netflix has been a great fee I've been willing to continue to pay for. I think it has some exciting prospects and a brilliant future in the coming years as the generations