21 Feb 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 03

Shepard did some more time at Pinnacle Station before deciding to investigate the X57 Asteroid near Terra Nova. Upon finding out that the asteroid had only 4 hours before impact on the colonies below it was up to Shepard and team to land on the rock and solve the issue. This is the other DLC for the first game of the series and Shephard would be remiss to ignore the pleas of the colony that was in immediate danger.

I took Garus and Liara. Liara has the Biotic abilities round out the party while Garus is too likeminded to leave on the Normandy.

Upon landing Shepard found a few bodies of a survey team. Once he linked into the communication network he found two other survey sites and searched them for survivors. None were found at any of the survey sites. It then came down to searching and shutting down the torches and put the breaks on the rock.

It was pretty easy for Shepard to breach each one of the strong holds that controlled the engines that were pushing the rock. Shepard is a Vanguard, aka a "Door Kicker. A space man SWAT team breaching into enemy filled strongholds.

The first breach was a bit of a shock for Shepard who found out that Batarians were the enemies in this case. As per Shepard's past, his home colony of Mindoir was raided and sacked by Batarian slavers. So these folks had little mercy coming to them. After shutting down the last torch, a Batarian who was the raiders second in command (2ic) approached Shepard. Shepard convinced him and his men to pull out of the raid and give up the access cards so he could take in the leader and save those humans captured and held hostage. Shepard convinced the 2ic that he would be safe from the leader as he was going to put him down.

After breaching the main control center Shepard was met with a very angry Batarian who gave Shephard only two choices: Let him go or he'll detonate the bombs around the hostages. Shepard chose to let the Batarian leader go. The Asteroid was halted but now the hostages were the next priority. Plus Shepard knew that the leader would be after the 2ic for betraying him to Shepard.

Post mission he got to know Liara and the rest of the team a bit more. Garus was to be a Spectre at one point and that put him even higher in Shepard's good books. One the way back to the Citadel Shepard stopped biotic Terrorist from killing a government leader, found the body of a raider victim, and hit up Pinnacle Station for a few more record breaking scores in the hunt and time trial missions.

Upon landing at the Citadel Shepard was once more confronted with his past. A survivor of the raid on his homeworld had escaped from her slave masters and was holding herself hostage in the docks. Shepard talked her down before injecting her with a sedative. Remnants of his life kept coming back. Shepard bought some new gear and avoided reporters but ran into Conrad once more.

This time the idiot wanted to be a Spectre but Shepard had been softened by his most recent success. He talked down Conrad and explained in earnest why he did the job and why he carried the burden. Conrad left the station sad but hopefully understanding.

It was back to Pinnacle Station next to finish the teams training and to get ready for the next mission. Shepard had seen way too many humans suffer and another colony was in trouble. Time to get to Feros and make sure those colonist were safe.


While playing Shepard, my idea of him is becoming more clear. He seems less and less of a Dirty Job type of guy and more and more of the Martyr. I like this direction and focus of the character. Whenever I play a RPG, I try to make up the character before I go in a play. My Fallout 3 has seven different gameplays with totally different characters. I think this helps make the choices for you as you explore the game through the eyes of these created people.

Shepard, Virgil, is becoming more and more about the guy who tries to save the world even if that means taking the burden on himself. This change shows two things, the starting idea of the character was well founded. Secondly it shows the power of choice in Mass Effect.

I look forward to seeing where this will go in the rest of the game and future games.

Some of the side missions are being ignored because they don't attract Shepard's attention. I'm trying to keep a level of urgency to the pace of the game. Shepard is currently in 'work up' training with his team. Like soldiers of today, he is preparing his team for the next two missions laid out in front of him. Folks can spend up to a year in 'work up' or pre-deployment training before heading out for a 6-9 month long tour of duty.

Hence the time spent at Pinnacle Station. Shephard is getting ready to hunt down a experience Spectre with a rag tag group of skilled persons. He needs a team and Pinnacle Station makes sense (role playing wise).

Cheers - see you next week