14 Feb 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 02

Commander Virgil Shepard - SSV Normandy CO

After Action Report

Shepard was now out and about in the verse. I had three leads and things are going south across the galaxy. He needed intel on Saren ASAP and the fastest way he decided was personal data on the Matriarch who's aiding the rogue Spectre. Matriarch Benezia has a daughter Liara T'Soni. It also helpes that she is an expert in the Protheans the folks who came before the current races and who were supposedly wiped out by the mysterious Reapers - who are Saren's end game.

Liara is a wealth of info. Shepard knows Liara will lead him closer to the Matriarch and through her the rogue Spectre Saren.

Shepard took off and in transit talked with the crew. Putting folks in their place regarding the alien, non-human allies was key. Shepard focus was keeping the efficiency of his crew as things would be getting worst fast. Cutting off decent or mistrust amongts the crew was top priority as the Normandy headed towards the next mission.

Talking with everyone, Shepard decided that Garus was a perfect fit with his Sniper rifle to support his assault style of combat while Wrex would be able to throw in some supporting fire and biotic umph to the mix. Knowing that Liara is biotic means that she probably gona replace Wrex once she joins the team. The Biotic abilities like Stasis, Lift and Warp are game changers when I played through as an Adept. Knowing that Shepard will be charging into the fight and getting chewed up he's looking for quick accurate fire to drop enemies, hence Garus and his sniper rifle. Crowd control is also important and Liara has that in spades...

After landing the Geth Armature met up with the Shepard's team right before Liara's dig site. It also kicked the crap out of the team. Shepard tactic is to run in a kill everything with the handy-dandy shotgun.

This Geth monster did not fall so quickly to the Shephard charge shotgun. Instead Wrex and Shepard covered Garus and cleaned the battlefield of the support troops. Garus was the best equipped to face the big monster.

Minus the escape battle out of the dig site - which is more like an active volcano, Shepard spent the after mission time checking in and keeping the peace. Already some of the crew are falling in and quickly getting in synch with the mission. The council was less hostile then I remember playing last but once more the last time I played I was a xeno hating Magneto character so relations with the council died off after the first mission debrief. It was a nice feeling to feel supported by the boss rather then constantly judged by the folks who are not on ground. Shepard then decided the next mission was hitting Pinnacle Station.

Pinnacle Station is the first DLC that was released for the game. It's a Turian/Systems Alliance training facility. Shepard needs to run his team and the crew through the paces before they get deep into the hunt for Saren. The first two capture missions went off without a hitch taking the top score on those was pretty slick. The hunt missions were much harder, seems that Shepard is moving too slow in the kill counter to make the top score. Yet getting third was a good start. He then took a break and tried survival missions and taking the top spot quickly. The hunting and time trial missions were much harder for Shepard. It seemed the starting level gear wasn't much to work with and it was still too early to make and major purchases. He eventually won one of the two hunt missions but the second one continued to elude him.

Garus and Liara were also tested and proven to be the team to for Virgil Shepard. Garus and Liara were able to quickly drop bigger enemies quickly and Shepard has yet to match there scores in the simulators. It seems that Pinnacle Station was also a good place for me to practice and get used to the team I was planning on using in the real.

Deciding it was better to go back and report in Shepard also took the time to explore the rest of the Citadel completing some smaller tasks before going back to Pinnacle Station. He ran into Conrad again and this time indulged him with a photo as Conrad was much more subdued with his hero worship compared to their last encounter. Yet Conrad was starting to get a bit crazy again and Shepard is sorry for indulging the man.

Shepard feels like he is getting ready for a larger battle and the start is a bit slower compared to some of my other games. So far so good, looking forward to seeing where Shepard goes next.