7 Feb 2014

Mass Effect Journal - 01

Commander Virgil Shepard - SSV Normandy SR1 - XO

After Action Report
System Alliance Space Vehicle
Stealth Reconnaissance One

Starting the game you find yourself as the XO of the SSV Normandy. Hosting a Turian Special Ops who's here to help with the mission and evaluate Shepard for Specter status.

Right off the bat Shepard would respect this guy since he get's it. Through the conversations I never gave him guff.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew being respected minus Cpl Jenkins, the eager go getter of the first away mission.

Shepard also doesn't mind Ashley Williams since she like him are survivors and soldiers who mix it up when the going gets tough. She survived because she's good at her job just like Shepard.

The PC's of Mass Effect
Alenko who was also part of the away team was no nonsense and taking orders well and keeping it tight in the mission. Right off the bat this has been a first for me in the game series.

I've always had a dislike for Ash or Alenko depending on who I played. This is the first time I'm liking both characters.

Speaking of characters that have earned some fast props, Garus. Upon first contact I'm getting a lack of fear when it comes to getting dirty and getting the work done. Shepard is liking this guy.

My first few conflicts that required Shepard's unique world view was the Bhatia side mission. Do I get the fallen solider body back to her family or do I let the military keep it for weapons defence research that could save lives in a few years time. I forced the body to be returned to her family, her husband was happy and Shepard pushed the rights of the soldiers that fight over a long term maybe. That was the key - the time frame. Had the results of the research yielded results faster or were guaranteed that would have been different.

The next conflict of character for Shepard was to kill the underworld local crime lord or let him flee and possibly use him for the future. Since I know this is the first of three games, long term thinking is key. Shepard chose to kill Fisk for two reasons, 1. He's already responsible for too many dead and 2. The likely hood of his usefulness in future games as a deposed crime boss may not yield any fruit.

My last conflict on the Citadel before completing the prologue was dealing with the fan Conrad Verner. This guy has a major crush on Shepard and Shepard doesn't mind the folks showing gratitude for his efforts but praise and fandom are different. As mentioned in the setup Shepard doesn't have time for the folks who don't get it. They get once chance and after that Shepard looses patients. Conrad left in a huff... I wonder how this will turn out?

Once Shepard was promoted to a Spectre I decided that plotting a course to find Liara T'Soni and get the last party member of the group. Shepard reason was getting as much intel as quickly as possible and getting into the head of Saren's co-conspirator would hopefully yield some quick intel.

So prologue done...