2 Jan 2014

Table Top - Future T.A.G.

In the game Infinity the Tactical Assault Gear or TAG is the big elephant on the table. They tend to be less prone to the ultra lethality found in Infinity. Not immune, less prone. They are still subject to dice making a shit of your plans and watching the effect of bullets to people.

So I've been lucky in recent weeks that I've be able to work into my shity work schedule and get in a few games of Infinity. Four to be exact at the time of this posting. It only took that many to make me want to go out shopping and pick up some new minis.

Hold on, I've got plenty of unpainted minis, why am I buy new ones? Well in actual fact, many of them are getting painted and the end still no where in sight but it's now a plausible dream instead of angel farts ... which don't exist by the by. Angels don't fart, that's fucking crazy. Stop making shit up.

So with the bug to buy I'm also hit with lacking of funds. Every time that happens I plan instead and save up for my next purchase.

"Long preamble to the point Dozer?"

Stupid brain... I'm looking at which TAG I'm gona pick up in Feb... late Feb but still within the month.

Come lets take a look.

1. The Iguana
Iguana Squad
TAG and Pilot
by Corvus Beli

Most of the heavy TAGs sport an ARM (Armour) of 10, medium TAGs are holding an ARM of 8 with lighter TAGs starting around 6. The Iguana is a light TAG. Yet due to it's faction being the Nomads it's sporting a higher BTS (BioTech Shield) normally set up for medium TAGs.

BTS for those not in the know is a defensive value to counter viral (or other bio weapons) and electronic attacks (like hacking). A hacker at 20 some odd points has the ability to ruin the day of any TAG using player who now down those 70-100 pts for a fancy paperweight. Nomads are known for having really strong (if not the best) hackers in the game. It makes sense that they would have better defenses against hacking.

At 73 points and costing a player 2 SWC (Special Weapon Cost) the Iguana sports a HMG (Heavy Machine Gun) a classic bread and butter heavy weapon along side a Heavy Flamethrower another staple of the heavy weapons in Infinity. Add in an ECM to counter guided rockets and other smart weapons and a Repeater to extend the range of a Nomad hacker's ability to hack and you have quite the support TAG. But wait there is more... the Pilot.

Normally the pilot get thrown from the TAG with an ejector system and is pretty much a naked wet monkey with a knife, pistol, and plenty of hopes and dreams. When the Iguana pilot ditches their TAG you're left with a Heavy Infantry, HMG sporting nightmare. Boom.

I also like the fact that the Iguana will play with the Haqqislam sectoral army the Qapu Khalqi (Silk Road) that can also take Scarface (see below).

2. The Szalamandra

by Corvus Beli
Actually my first choice for a TAG. The Szalamandra sports the biggest gun in the game. The HMC (Hypermagnetic Rail Cannon) with the highest rate of fire (B 5) of any weapon in the game while also being tied for highest damage with a DMG of 15. Now that's not all, all of the HMC rounds are armor piercing, cutting other folks ARM ratings in half. It's also running around with a Heavy Flamethrower and it's sporting a BTS given for heavy TAGs when it's a medium TAG. Once more the Nomad faction protects it's own. They also added an ECM to keep those pesky heavy damaging smart weapons from getting to this brilliantly armed medium TAG.

The Szalamandra is a simple TAG and it may be too simple. Maybe that's a good thing for the Nomads who have way too many tricks up their sleeves. The HMC is a brilliant weapon and it seems the only way I'm getting one on my side of the table is to bring the Szalamandra. I feel like I'm paying for the HMC and not the TAG. Yet that may be just me...

As a first TAG the Szalamandra is not a bad choice. In fact it's a good choice. It's just not a fancy choice and that's ok. My favorite Marvel comics character is the Hulk and of things he's a simple dude. Hulk Smash... so I guess Szalamandra shoots... hurm.

3. Scarface

Scarface and Cordelia
by Corvus Beli
When you think MERCs I think Musashi and KTS. Yet this pair of Engineer and TAG have always had a place in my heart since they showed them off. I love they way the minis look. The fact that they are a MERCs miniature/unit means that I can't use them unless they are in a sectoral army.

A sectoral army is a limited list within a faction that restricts your army selection options, increases the AVA or availability (quantity) of a few units and it tends to slot in a few MERCs making them only tournament legal if you play the MERC in a sectoral army that includes them.

The Haqqislam sectoral army the Qapu Khalqi (translation: Silk Road) is the trade route for the Haqqislam faction. It's made up of a few Haqq units with some MERCs and Nomad units to round out the options. Funny thing is I have a few Nomads and another faction that shares some minis is never a bad thing. So when said same sectoral army includes Scarface and Cordelia I've started to smile.

Cordelia is an engineer with some basic Camouflage abilities, a high-ish WIP to use all her engineer skills and some neat toys; Chain-Colt, D-Charges and a Combi Rifle. Not bad but not the best. She's a great number two engineer for scenarios when a backup can save your match and loosing all your techs will end your chance at victory.

Scarface with his two Mk12s and a Panzerfaust (two shot rocket launcher) packs a bit more punch. He sports 3 hits (STR 3) which are key since he has a weak armour of 5 (ARM 5) his BTS is much better, same as a medium TAG but still he's gona take a hit. Lucky for me he comes with a repair team in his sister Cordelia.

Scarface looks weak but when you count the amount of hits for a TAG his size and cost, only 69 points (cheaper than the other two previous TAGs), you gamble on him not getting killed but getting beat up. If your opponent puts him down you're pooched but if they fail to drop him a repair roll from Cordelia sorts Scarface out and he keeps doing his thing.


I'm looking pretty hard at option number 2. The Iguana is my second choice because I could use it in a future army that I'm looking to build. Scarface is a great looking mini and I want one but to bring him to the tournaments I'll need to pick up quite a few more minis...

The Szalamandra is the clear winner here but with the Iguana not as far behind as I'd like. I enjoy the idea of the pilot ejecting from a wreck only to lay down some long range, high rate of fire 14 damage in a heavy armour. Yet the simplicity of the HMC and the Szalamandra takes the cake. I've already got plenty of tricks up the sleeve and I want the pure destructive power of the Szalamandra. I'm needing more punch with my Nomads and this TAG brings that in spades.

The Szalamandra with pilot
by Corvus Beli