31 Jan 2014

Dreadball - the nightmare of time

Well folks one of the reasons for the late delays in posts is lack of time. I just got back from the cruise where both me and Lady Bear got a cold at different times. Yeah! My job interview process is going at a breakneck pace. I also had to sort out my Dreadball return order by today.

Mantic makes a great game.

You see folks Dreadball was a kickstarter that pushed an awesome game. When I got my first Backer rewards pack I was over the fucking moon. I got some delays with the second Backer delivery and there were some issues with the third Backer delivery and the extra tiny fourth because of delays... I had until today to sort everything I had gotten.

Now I got my gear in November and I got held back. The issues I did send up got caught in the mess of their December HQ Shutdown and they sent out a you have 30 days to fill this form right before I left. So to say the least I was not ready and life kept getting in the way of going through all the yum that is Dreadball.

I love this game. It's brilliant and this game is a so much fun to play. It's quick and fast paced. There is a sense of frantic movement and kinetic hits.

Too bad Mantic took on more than they could chew. Putting out another Kickstarter Dreadzone while Dreadball was still not yet done was maybe reaching too far for the small mini company. I think they realised this when they told the world after sending out the season 3 Backer kits that they were shutting down to keep up with the three kickstarters and holiday orders...

Now that takes some balls.

Lots of Fans gathered for Mantic's Open House
I got this Image from this Mantic blog post 
I like the folks at Mantic. They have an energy and love of the hobby that Games Workshop has lost in its identity. It's one of the reasons I no longer play GW and I'm playing Mantic. Hell I would have loved to jump in on the Dreadzone Kickstarter for the terrain and the game but I was without a job... sad face.

Mantic is still new as a unit. The folks inside may have the experience in the industry but the whole is still fresh faced and willing to take on the world. It's infectious and I have become a fan because of it.

I'm not also the only one as you can see from their Mantic Open Event that run every year.

Has the end of my Dreadball experience with kickstarter been perfect... no. Was I expected it to be perfect... not from the start but the initial Backer delivery really did set them up on a high note.

I hope the folks at Mantic have learned from this experience and that they keep making the games they love. We the fans, the hobby players are glad Mantic came around and it shows in the success in their Kickstarter(s).

As I wait for the rest of my orders to get sorted I hope to get some more projects done.

Talk to you all later.