5 Dec 2013

The Woman seen by a man

This post has been in the works for a long time. The delay has been due to life and trying to make sure I get this out the way I want and intend. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully and properly express how I feel about this with a single post. 

I am a man.

I have earned the love of my wife, been blessed by a wonderful mother, and haply gained a brilliant sister through my own brother's efforts.

I am surrounded by women. I know Lady J an author and a mother of four souls and partner to a brother from another mother. I know her mother in law who is a one of a pair of sisters - both of which have fought long and hard, earning the lives they lead now. I know AW a gardner and best friend to her husband. I know K8 a survivor who keeps living out loud without shame. I know the Lady in Red who has been to places of war and leads men and women in uniform.

I know more women...

I'm lucky to call many women friends and family.

I am just a man and yet I may have a daughter one day. I may have to show a young girl around the room and help her discover the world.

I am not an expert but I've been looking at the women in my world and I've been seeking and talking over with my wife about the positive women in my worlds of games, comics, and flicks. If you are a woman and you are looking for something to read or experience without being treated as something else of being equal I have put together a list of things I would show a growing woman.

I'm not perfect, I like some of the things that do not show women as positive equals to our demented little race. I hope they get better and I hope those creators are encouraged to change how they present ladies. Their games and stories may be great but the image they present needs some work. I don't want to make note of the negative images the folks who generate my hobbies create, instead I'll yammer on the parts where they did good who would I introduce to a young lady if she ever took up the comic, die, and controller.

See you after the break and enjoy the video.

Comics are one of the worst places to treat ladies well and yet some of the strongest (literally) female comic characters are born of this media. I've recently introduced the wife to some comics that she had really picked up. Batwoman and Wonder Woman are two of her favourite comics right now. She has the whole Scott Pilgrim vs the World and Strangers in Paradise series of TPBs and they sit out on book shelves in our living room. Marvel has some positives with Kitty Pryde aka Shadowcat of the X-Men, the current Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) and I like Martha Hill current director of SHIELD.

If I was to work the table it would be Privateer Press as the best folks who show off the ladies in their games. I looked through the whole selection of Hordes 'locks and Warmachine 'casters and found the majority (as in only 3 failing) to be in full clothing or in fully covered armour. Legion of Everblight has only two male warlocks. One full half of the Warmachine starters have a female warcaster instead of a male 'caster. Hordes sports the same split but their two-player starter only has ladies in the lead. Outside of the starters female characters sport major positions of power in the setting without being treated as puppets. The Empress of Khador, Archdomina Makeda of the Skorne, and the Iron Mother Directrix of the Convergence. Note that two of the mentioned ladies are playable in the game.

I loved the new Lara
Video games has a recent boom of strong well developed characters. The most recent Lara Croft of the new Tomb Raider game is a brilliant survivor and action hero who rocks the game. Lara is just one of the many female lead characters who are treated as not women but as full fledge people who you the player interact with beyond 'rescue the princess'. Halo 4 has two leading ladies, Sarah Palmer who leads all the Spartans on the primary ship and Dr. Halsey the creator of the Spartans. Both of whom run a tight ship or don't fall in so many of the media's tropes. Lilith, Maya and Gaige from the Borderlands series are great female characters who are both playable and powerful. I'm seeing more and more ladies come to the console or computer to play games and the creators are adjusting there product. Mass Effect from the start lets you play a lady and they let her be the woman you want to play as much as they let you let Shepherd be a the man you want to play.

I'm lucky to be living in a time where the changes are coming. Slowly mind you but they are coming and I'm hopeful that I'd be able to show off some the best examples of women in the worlds I run around in. There is lots to change, Infinity and Soul Caliber are examples of what to change but it's not all lost.

Now I'm going to pause, another dude Movie Bob, who is pretty eloquent and he just put something down I want you all to see. I just watched this as I paused to write and he's really shown me something.

This post is from all the conversations I have with my wife as she explores what it means to be her. What she wants to look like and perceived as a person and a woman. I don't have all the answers but I hope I found some examples that are evidence to this slow but greatly needed change to the we look and show women.

I only starting to figure out what I want to say and I feel that I will never be able to piece together enough words and readers to put out my whole head on the page.