13 Dec 2013

Media - Hooray for Earth

I've never done a music review. I've never even read a music review in recent decades. Seriously my last music review was from the Columbia house monthly letter when I was buying a slew of CD's at discount.

Them was the days.

Well this post will be the first of maybe a few album reviews.

First off a sample of the album I'll be looking at, see you after the video.

Picking up the simple looking cardboard album for Hooray for Earth's first LP (Long Play album) makes you feel like you're stepping into something simple and special. The white with black gold liquid shape keeps the simple aesthetic and mirrors the music you'll experience in the folds of that cover.

'Realize it's not the sun' is a prelude to the whole album as it starts with a upbeat twinkle of sounds surrounded by mellow vocals and deep echos. You feel you're being drawn into the places that the band is hoping to explore. It's a depth that is more than showing you something, it's experiencing it instead.

With a 80's throwback feeling with the synth-pop anthem of 'Bring Us Close Together', the hyper pulsing affirmation of with 'No Love', and the smooth beat and melody of 'True Loves' - Horray for Earth is here.

'Sails' is made up of chrome voices spilling through a frantic beat trying to get the words out in some rushed need to let go. It's my favorite song of the list since it crosses the most ground in breadth of sounds. It's got an energy that ebbs and flows while the voices still sputter out escaping past the rhythmic electric tones. There is a sense of release with the song as it goes on that gives an energy that would not have normally been passed on with that beat or sets of tones.

The album is easy to listen to. I've pulled a song or two when a feeling strikes and requires some vindication. I've also had the full album play in repeat somewhere in the background and unlike most albums the urge to move off a song past some musical abnormality never came.

When you spend more time in the world of Hooray for Earth you enjoy as electric echos slip and dance into your ears with 'Hotel'. The cool down is loud and reminds you of the long journey when you pull back 'Black Trees'. So of the 70's folk jingle seems to have gotten lost but made the best of the electric influences the band ties up so well in the song 'Last Minute'.

Calm and forgiving the music doesn't force you to listen but simply enjoy the cascade of energy mixed with some intangible sonic presence.

The wife is the music expert of the house and when we found the True Love music video it became the first band and album we bought together. It's got a special place in our lives and it's probably made me biased.

I look forward to hearing more of these folks and their future endeavors.