23 Dec 2013

Dreadball Damn! - plus baggage

Dreadball is that game.

You know the game you want to love. The game you want everyone else to love. The game you bought up like crazy so everyone can come over and play. You've decided to paint the whole set of minis yourself and keep them all for when someone is willing to play...

You know that game... right. Right ?


I honestly wish I had more time to play on the table these days. It's a common bitch here on the blog but understand I need to convince new players to try out my games, while also finding time for some time on the table with those who do play but have a normal time table of work hours.

When the Upgrade packs were coming in with the Season 3 shipment I held off on painting all of my Dreadball. I didn't want to paint some of the team, finish them and then go back. Mind you some of the first Season teams have been based and my Corp are almost done.

So folks I'm waiting for the last of the Dreadball shipment for season 3 as I still sort out the slew of minis that made up the last shipment. Take a look at what I'm dealing with here.

Just those Nameless jerks
Had to post this on the Forums to ID each mini
This is one team... I have all 12
The sheer volume of plastic and pewter is absurde. Of course I do have every MVP, some of the big guys, a coach or two, some of the Kickstarter exclusive MVP's (sorry Kid on a Dinosaur), and the Ultimate Dreadball pitch with cards and tokens. All in the plastic pitch and a second set of cards and I can run two matches at the same time. No fretting outside of the choice of MVPs and the 12 teams to play with.

Now I'm down to the wire. I'm getting the last of the minis soon-ish. I need to finish ID'ing what's right and what's wrong with my last shipment, and I need to play me some dreadball.

Average of 17 mins, 2 prone markers to paint and base per team is 228 minis. This does not include MVP's, coaches and extras... I see my lunch hours stripping flash and glueing figures.

Lets just say I can't wait to get it all done.

My last issue is one I've not yet thought of until recent.


Yeah, my case is already at the brim. I'm going to want to store it in a way that I can just take up the whole set in a single bag to the club and put down some matches. That also includes the game board both as with the basic cardboard pitch and my acrylic pitch. I also have two decks of playing cards so I can spot two different games but I also have the play mat for the 6 player pitch. There are currently three rulebooks and a team tracker sheets. Add in the tokens and you have buckets to haul.

Now that's a lot of gear to bus around outside of the minis and I'm looking for the right bag.

C4 (1" thick) Troop Tray for the Infinity Bag
Battlefoam is looking like they may have what I seek. I've got 12 teams of 16 minis and two prone miniatures. The tray shown here would fit two teams worth of gear. That would mean I would need 6 trays taking up 6" of a bag. Luck for me Battlefoam is sporting the Infinity Bag that can hold 7.5" of foam leaving me with a 1.5" thick tray for the bigger minis and some of the odd shaped wankers.

Look at that set of pockets. 
Battlefoam is one of the folks I've been tossing around. The hard shell bags are what I'm looking for and the large main pocket should hold all three of the skinny rule books and my pair of pitches.

So what's holding me back?

$65 for the empty bag and $11for each tray.

That's a damn shame.

The bag would sort most of my issues. Plenty of space for all my tokens, minis, rule books and pitches. Nothing for the crazy roll up 6 player playmat but I doubt that there are many that could sport that.

I like some of the features that Battlefoam has with their line of bags and for the quality of bag you're getting your dollar's worth. With the amount of time and energy I spend painting my minis, making sure they are safe for transport and storage is worth the cost.

Can I afford it now? Nope. Would I love a all purpose bag that would carry and store the whole kickstarter funded sports games of the future? Yes. Will I get it anytime soon? No.

The sad fact is I still have lots to paint and prep for my Dreadball teams. I'm still sorting out my last backer package which is missing a few odds and ends.

It's a bit of an OCD ladden dream to be able to cart with confidence one of my favorite mini games.