4 Nov 2013

Table Top - Infinity Mission Packs

Infinity has done it again!

I swear every time I pause and think about Infinity and how I need to play more of it, they do something. It's a new min or a new set of rules. Sometimes a new scenario or an update with some high speed gear. 

This time they did it all.


Ladies and Gent's the Dire Foes Mission Pack Set. 

Mission Pack 1: Train Rescue
Mission Pack 2: Fleeting Alliance
Mission Pack 3: Dark Mist
So who likes that?

With the last set of Spec Ops Infinity players have been waiting for the alternate sculpts for their Spec Ops miniatures. For those unfamiliar with the Spec Ops for Infinity they are a set of rules and minis that allow you to pick a standard line trooper and upgrade them with new skills, weapons, equipment and abilities throughout a campaign. Each faction has more then one option for the starting line of the Spec Ops unit you chose. Infinity released a muli-part mini for each faction for their Spec Ops unit. 

The minis they released were well done and really great looking but they seemed to favor one type or style of line trooper for each faction. So if you picked the other Line Trooper as your base the mini seemed a little out of uniform... 

When Corvus Beli announced these suckers I was jumping. These would fill the gap of the Spec Ops minis for most of the factions. When I found out they were to be released in pairs I was curious. After seeing the civilian minis, I was happy that I'd have some for the scenarios that have been released since. Campaign Paradiso has quite a few scenarios where you'll need a few civilian miniatures. 

These mission packs were a dream come true, I've looking forward to these... 

Now I want them. The extra scenarios, the sweet looking minis, and the extra character stats!

Damn you Corvus Beli. 

Damn you.