18 Oct 2013

The Absent Dreamer's Hit-list of things on the go.

I've not be blessed with much free time outside of two jobs, getting pulled from the flat, while leaving the city each weekend for the last four weeks. I've kept in the loop on how things have been going in the various points of my interest.

First up - Games Workshop have once more earned the ire of the hobby community. This time that have targeted the fine folks Beasts of War (as found on the sidebar) forcing the team of hobby journalists to cut ties with groups that worked to support the team and their efforts. The main effort is Wayland Games who are the primary sponsor for the Beasts of War.

I feel that railing on GW for this new practice so soon after the madness of their sales policies and the whole buggery around the term 'Space Marine' is a bit easy. They are deep in competition against Privateer Press, Corvus Beli, Wyrd Miniatures, Mantic, Hawk Wargames, and Dream Pod 9. Alternatives are becoming more and more possible.

I look at MERCs and I think to myself. 60$ for the whole set of six minis, with quick rules and unit cards. Even if you add in the new 7th mini for each faction you still under the 100$ mark. Add in the fact you're only putting to brush 6 (or for some 7) figures, using a 2'x2' playing board, and not needing a whole contraption of rulers and templates due to the cards measuring mechanic... MERCS is a cheep option.

Yeah... hard to compare if you only look at the almighty force of currency. Anyways next on the list...

TV - I'm currently starting Season 3 of Walking Dead and it's started off with a solid bang of action and dramatics. Not bad for a first episode and from the feedback of most fans this season is lauded at the best of the bunch so far. I've also started the series Arrow and after suffering through the 7 seasons of Smallville before dropping the show I'm so far not in hate mode. Translating that character from comics to TV was not well done in Smallville but this show has a bit of bite to it and I'm looking forward to finishing off the seventh episode by today. Add in the third season to Raising Hope, my favorite comedy of the last couple years along side the final season of How I Met Your Mother (a favorite of mine and wife's) and the land of TV is looking good. SHIELD is also on the go and it's not bad. It's better then Buffy and Dollhouse but not as good as the first two seasons of Angel and the master crafted Firefly... so far.

Video Games - GTA Five took my away from Splinter Cell Six and that's a feat. The immersive events of GTA out class the Blacklist and for the first time ever, another game made me put down Sam Fisher. Maybe it's the pacing, the new voice actor, the side missions... maybe it's the whole deal but for once Splinter Cell was not completed before switching over. Assassins Creed IV: Black Flag and Batman: Arkham Origins are both in the pipe and coming down. Both will claim far more time than I'd like to give away.

Table Top - Looking at Fantasy Flights new Star Wars RPG and I picked up the beginner box. Gona put a new rookie crew of ladies through their first RPG... more on that later. My minis are getting painted slowly still thanks to the free time from my current job while other games continue to creep my interest. 7 Wonders is brilliant and I've been playing some Magic the Gathering recently. Both games have won a place in my heart or have returned to the folk. Even the Mrs. has her own Magic cards and she is enjoying the experience.

Comics - Batman Zero Year trucks on with the Villans month hiccup. X-Men crossover 'Battle of the Atom' looks really neat and makes me want to read it. I've got a few more that I've read since my last comic review and I'll have more on Luther and Lazerus.

All in all folks it's nice to be back to a grind for a while and I hope to have a more regular post over the coming weeks and if I can pull it off, months.