23 Oct 2013

MERCS - Part Two: The Other Team

After looking at my CCC starter in the last post of the series I also going to look at the other faction starter box I got. The largest difference between this box and the last one is that Texico is a new faction and is not included in the main rulebook. This can be an issue as the rule book has lots of first timer help and some FAQ in the back on each of the figures that were part of the first wave of MERCS. Lucky for us those gents at MERCS have an up to date FAQ for each faction and an active forum community to help explain some of the more odd ball rules that comes with Texico. 

Texico - Starter Box

At first glance these power armoured cowboys look awesome and it was a toss up between them and the faction that was released alongside them the ISS. Both factions are unique of having a seventh figure (ISS gets to deploy a turret). Once more I also picked up the plastic measuring card produced by Outrider Hobbies. 

This box did not cost anymore or less than the $65 Canadian dollar CCC boxset. Once more I love the individual dice and the high gloss cards and quick start rules. Texico also came with another pair of cards called trap cards. It seems that Texico must make a 'trap deck' of 2 to 6 cards. I've yet to go on and wander through the FAQ or Forums but at first glance the trap cards make little sense by themselves and that's a bit out of character from what I've come to expect after the CCC starter. 

Miniature wise I like the continued quality of the Texico models. There were once more lots of flash to remove and a few mould lines. I also noticed that the poses were pretty good but only the leader is a multi-piece miniature. I like the Sniper pose and dust cloak but the rifle seems too plain. The Marshal and the Demolition have great poses showing character. The double barreled shotgun, broken open as the Demolition casually loads another two shells into the weapons is much more interesting than I expected. I guess it comes from the lack of models sculpted in mid-reload. 

Dog found in Call of Duty: Ghosts
The Jaguar is the one that feels the most out of place. The Aztec styled warclub and no helmet felt off with the rest of the set. The Assault Leader has an ok pose but the crossed ammo belts look silly for the leader to be sporting and seems like a lazy way to avoid sculpting armour. 

The Assault Leaders' Dog is a nice sculpt yet I might add something so it looks more like the pooches used in Call of Duty: Ghosts. It's only got a vest but in the near mega corp future with cyberpunk elements I could see the Dog getting a bit more than a simple vest. Some head gear would have been nice and maybe some carrying pockets on the vest could have been fitted. I'll play around with the idea and some green stuff and see if I can satisfy my own nick pickings. 

Colour wise, I'm looking at light desert kahki browns for the cloth portions while the armour a light or medium solid grey. I dislike the orange brown style used with the stock photos so I'm going off course with the colour palate. 
Texico - 7th miniature the Eagle

Texico 7th figure is a jetpack sporting dude called the Eagle. I hear it's pretty fancy and the word in the shops is that it can do some neat things. I'd only be getting the miniature with the 7th Sons Deal but I'm not sure at least from the unpainted pictures if I like the way it's jumping about. 

Texico is a neat looking faction for Mercs and is not considered by those who play in Ottawa to be a good faction for a starting player. I was told that my experience with other tabletop miniature wargames would ease up with the learning curve but I'm still to expect a few twisted odds as I figure out their unique style and mechanics of play. 

I have to say that with the release of Texico, ISS, Sefadu, House 4, and Keizai Waza I'd expected to have seen another published book with some more scenarios or even expanded campaign rules to go along side those that are free to download on the MERCS site. The Texico page is also bare compared to the starting factions. I wanted to read the little write ups for each Texico character and maybe get some understanding to the odd Jaguar trooper found in the faction. 

Next Post I hope to have played a match or two and I'll have more on the rulebook.