28 Oct 2013

Life - Where is Dozer these days

I'm still looking for work. Officially I'm not unemployed. Hell I have my main job, my second job and my third job. Once I find a real job I'll be able to put to bed two of the three jobs I've mentioned. The second job is the one I'd keep. 

I've avoided mentioning what that job is because some of the things I've said could reflect poorly on that organization and I would never want that. Within this job there are some mindsets that help protect those that work there and sometimes my views would conflict with that mindset. 

I've taken a break from this second job. Things are heating up with family and instead of trying to juggle so much I've asked to simply put down that one thing. 

As of now my main job is 12 hour overnights that kills my Sunday and I'm on and off 12 hours until Thursday morning when I wake up with my wife with 6 hours of sleep. This schedule is less than ideal, but I'd rather earn my coin instead of collecting Employment Insurance. 

I'm having all sorts of conflicting thoughts on a regular basis. I dislike the state the economy lies, just like everyone else. I dislike the world we've inherited from the Baby boomers and that's a real sticker for me. They got a post WWII world to live in with Cold Wars and the threat of nuclear destruction from their parents but in general the wealth was a bit more accessible.

Another though the is the Empire building in many places of work. Where leaders will hinder or hold back employees in order to safeguard their job. This hurts both the employer and the employee from reaching possible heights. Also the amount of folks staying in longer then planned is really holding up the possibility for entry for folks like me and advancement for folks like my wife. 

There also seems to be a lack of long term continuity planning by far to many employers. They have relied on these older vet employee's but within the next ten years they will fall away and since they have not invested and planned for continuing their business without issues. Too many companies are watching folks retire or simply quit with skills that have not been passed on or planned to loose and suddenly that same person is coming back as a contractor earning twice as much coin simply because the employer did not plan the first time. Worse part of it, they don't learn from this mistake the first time and they keep the contractor on without any planning... 

This was more of a bitch than I expected and I didnt plan for this to go in this direction but voicing some of my frustrations felt good.