6 Oct 2013

Break - The EVAC

I know there are only a few folks that read this blog and many are friends and family but my stats tell me a few more folks read this and a couple more pile in on a few of the select posts where I wasn't a bag of editorial poo. Me and the Wife had to EVAC our flat and we were out for almost three full weeks. 

With my scheduled overnights 4 nights a week plus the other job, getting in the time to post has not been easy. Add in a wedding, our wedding anniversary and things are getting busy. 

Now flee your home during this time and try to pack for a 4 night stay in a summer camp that is only boat access while living out of someone elses home and trying to stay on top of work. 

It's doable but it's bloody hard when you're trekking a few extra times a week across the city just because you left behind something you needed for this weekend or the next... 

So I have quite a few posts on the wings that were almost ready to post expect them soon. With access to my Mac I'll be able to jump back into the blog. Dozer's back folks, he's back.