7 Aug 2013

Table Top - Looking at the new Guys

Well Privateer Press has explained that the new Characters and 'Casters shown in the Kickstarter for Warmachine: Tactics will be released in the forthcoming rules Warmachine: Vengeance.

Now the moulds for the Kickstarter will be broken once the minis have been produced. Being a Swan (Cygnar) player we're getting a new 'caster and the new character journeymen. Their rules are looking awesome since the PDF came out and I've finally gotten time to look over them over.

So lets take a look at what I like...

Allison Jakes is the new journeyman for Cygnar and I'm really enjoying the flexibility of the faction with her addition. We will now have two Journeyman 'casters to muck about with allowing Cygnar players to add some choices on the pitch and in army construction. That alone make's her awesome.

Rules wise two MAT 6, light melee attacks are handy to hunt a solo and with her access to Focus it can change her from an Ok solo to a killer on the fly. I've done the same thing with the current Cyganr journeyman and when it works it works. Allison is much better then the no name journeyman 'caster in MAT and attacks so she seem much less helpless. The DEF 15 makes her a bit harder to kill but any real effort in trying to hit Allison will hit it's mark.

Spell wise Allison has Energizer which makes her a good choice for a more then on 'jack but her Focus of 4 means she could handle two 'jacks at most. Teaming her up with Allen Strangeways would mitigate her inability to load lots of Focus on her 'jacks. Sidekick seems another great spell really making a solid strong connection with a single 'jack.

I can see using Allison being teamed up with a pair of Hunters at first glance. Getting them in place on the cheep and being able to give out the focus while loving the double Control Area of the Hunter (16"). If I was to stick her with a single 'jack I'd pick a Heavy for her Focus to fully load while up-keeping Sidekick's DEF bonus and immunity to to knockdown, slam, pushing and pulling to both the 'jack and Allison if she's able to stay Base to Base with her chosen 'jack.

Add in Parry and Sprint make her a good choice to work from the front line as needed. Seems everything about Allison is flexibility. Cygnar players got a gem with this one and I'm already thinking of other ways ti include her to my army lists.

Lt. Allison Jakes
looking real good
Next on the list is Commander Dalin Sturgis. Looking like a dodgy DEF 16 and average of ARM 15. Of course Sturgis is looking like a melee monster with two initial attacks, snap strike and Chain Attack: Flash makes him just as good as pMorgul in clearing out units of infantry by himself.

His spell list looks very swan like. Arcane Shield and Snipe in one 'caster is always awesome. Teleport looks handy after Sturgis goes in and does his thing. More and more he's seems like a melee version of Cain. Add in Electro Leap on his melee attacks and his spell Lighting Storm and you have someone who will kill all your support units or rather find itself mixing it up with hosts of your folks before teleporting off into the sunset.

Sounds like a jerk and that sounds really Cygnar to me.
Commander Sturgis - Digital Version
The last guy I get to go on about is the Merc journeyman warcaster. Why? Well many folks play Cygnar as shell for lots of Mercs. Mercs tend to like Cygnar lots and so if I wanted I could have one more journeyman 'caster with Gasstone Crosse (that's now 3 without counting the real 'caster).

His gun has ROF of 2. Yet his stats are more like the regular Cygnar Journeyman 'caster. Crap tastic, aka average, DEF and ARM with MAT and RAT of 5. With only 4 Focus his stats do not inspire epic game play. Yet he has Dodge, Flank and he makes Vanguard's a point cheeper...

Yes he makes 'jacks cheeper if they are part of his battlegroup. This kid wants to be a full time 'caster. He's got balls this kid. His spell list is neat. Giving away run and gun with Moving Shadows is handy for small fast battlegroups with ranged attacks. Good for working that far flank Gastone is looking like a bit of a pain in the ass. His other spell Fire Group giving an extra RNG 2 to each of those shots and he's looking at making shots with a focus to spare after cheesing it.

Don'r forget he count's as part of the battlegroup so he's getting these same benefits.

the New Merc Journeyman 'caster
Gastone Crosse
makes me want to play Mercs... damn it!
 Well that's all for now.