6 Aug 2013

Table Top - Dreadball Update

Folks here is my update on Dreadball.

Season 2 has not gotten as much play time as I'd like. My human team is all done, the Forge Fathers and the Orks are almost done. A few of the MVP's are finished and the Vyrr-Myn are last to get done.

Few of the Season 2 teams have gotten any play time. Simply because I've not been playing. Seems there is a group playing in Ottawa but it's downtown in a basement so the group can enjoy beer and cigarettes. With work the way it is... well you know.

So Dreadball season 3 is due soon...

Dreadball Season 3
3-6 player pitch setup


That's what that felt like. Thinking on how this will work. 

Looks chaotic, pure madness and I'm thinking the game play may slow down.

Quirkworthy, as per the sidebar, has posted the Beta rules for the four last teams here.  Some of them look really odd and hard to master compared to the Season 1 teams and the twists given to the game with the Season 2 teams. I like how the game seems to be evolving. 

Dreadball Season 3 Cover
Nameless vs Teraton
with Giants in the Background (Multi-based minis)
So Giants are the only thing I'm really not sure about. How do they move? How to they hit? What's the front and rear arc of these monsters?

Well that's Dreadball for the next little while.