5 Aug 2013

Media - GTA 5

I love me some GTA.

I loved GTA 3 back on my PS2 and it was awesome! I played the ever living crap out of that game an it was worth every moment. GTA: Vice City was fun and played that up but outside of Motor bikes the game had some issues including invulnerable enemies and mission vehicles. That killed the whole open world concept for me as open world to me also means complete missions as I want. 

GTA: San Andreas was my game. I played that until my PS2 made noises of pain and suffering. It was brilliant. GTA 4 was a great game, if not for Red Ring of Death and my HDD failing I would have finished it (I was on the last mission, when it all went down) and picked up the other two DLC's. I may still just pick it up... 

Anyways watch this.

So you want this?
First off I like the heist planning they show off.

Picking your method of completing the missions looks awesome. Gassing or dropping in. Rushing or simply sneaking in. Seems you can always fall back on gunning your way out. With gameplay like this, Hitman was the master. You could do it quiet and perfect and if things went wrong it was guns blazing but that reward in getting it just right was such satisfaction.

Secondly picking your crew to help with the job looks like another NPC management mechanic. You pick the best crook for the job and it seems like there is a way to increase their effectiveness. Expanding on the NPC management from the GTA 4 with the cell activities I hope they down play the need to interact with the NPCs in order to use them. Reward those that interact but don't keep us tied down to them in order to us them.

Last but not least swaping in and out of the three PC's in mission looks awesome. I'm hoping maybe some co-op multiplayer in mission would be very welcome.

Well that's GTA 5 and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on the game.