12 Jul 2013

Thoughts - Where to now mr D?

Since my new job as overnight safety tool has been taking up my free time to write posts I've been working on how I'm going to keep this up. With no internet, cell and only a pad of paper and a pen, 42 hours of my week are pretty much killed and make it hard to write posts.

I saw this video recently. It sparked something in me. It could also be me re-reading Richard Morgans' the Steel Remains and picking up the Dragon Age RPG Set 1 Box.

I'm thinking on what I'm doing with this blog. 

1. Quality

The past year my quality of product, if you can call my blog product, has been poor. I've had plenty of folks offered to help out my grammar, spelling and general edits. I've turned them all down to see if I could get better at self-edits. 

My written work outside of the blog has improved in the realm of edits. The experiment has been a success but now I need to upgrade the quality of my own work here. So I'll be spending more time on my posts... I'll hope to spend more time on my posts

2. Length

So far my post have been pretty short since my job change happened. While writing my post on the Dragon Age Box Set 1 review by hand in a notebook, it was considerably longer. I liked what was coming out on paper. I imagined what art capture I'd use from other sites in the post and vola, my post got huge compared to a lot of my previous posts. 

I hope to write longer posts, not because I have more to say but I need to practice in saying more and going into detail. Short posts are quick and dirty I need to change the parameters of the experiment but still keep the focus to getting better at writing.

3. Frequency 

The the two points above keeping them up alongside my planned 4 days a week frequency is impossible. I can see myself playing video games or transcribing my posts at night as I await sleep to claim me or fill in the spaces between wife sleeping and me working. 

If I'm studious in my efforts and keep the discipline I'll be able to post three times a week by working them over and putting them down when I have time off. I'll be able to have them go up per schedule, I'm looking at Mon, Wed and Fri, with smaller 'Breaking News' post in between in case something neat happens that I want to share. 

4. Future Projects...

I've picked up the Dragon Age RPG, Tome Raider, and Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition. Warmachine has a kickstarter going, Infinity has a new Art Book and there are a few flicks like Pacific Rim that may also attract my attention. NIN is coming back with his new album, Richard Morgans' books are awesome and the table is getting pretty full... 

Beasts of War also have a open submission thing right now and I'm hoping to give them something soon. That might be another reason I'm looking at points 1-3 and clean up my act a bit. 

Well enjoy the weekend.